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<h2>Let Advertisers Edit Ad Text With Editable Ads&trade;</h2>

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    <p>Our Editable Ads let your
    advertisers edit a message in their ads on the fly via text message,
    Facebook, or Twitter posts.</p>
        <li>Offer something new and unique</li>
        <li>Close more ad sales</li>
        <li>Create house ads for instant updates</li>
        Be sure to check out our <a title="This is a PDF for helping you sell ads" rel="track" target="_blank" href="http://broadstreetads.com/assets/docs/editable-ads-text-message.pdf">Sales Materials</a>
        and our <a title="This is a PDF for use by you or an ad designer" rel="track" target="_blank" href="http://broadstreetads.com/assets/docs/designer-specs.pdf">Designer Specifications</a>!
        Your first ads are free.

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    <a style="margin: 50px 25px 0 0;" class="btn call-to-action" href="<?php echo Broadstreet_Mini_Utility::getBaseURL('index.php?action=upload') ?>">Create <?php echo $has_free ? 'A Free' : 'An' ?> Editable Ad! &raquo;</a>

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