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<title>Manual ----- Dynamic Drop Down, Loads Value With out refreshing Page (Data from Database) </title>
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<p class="style4"><strong> Multiple ADS Module to USE with (PHPADSNew) &lt;gobinathm at gmail dot com&gt; </strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p class="style4"> This class will help the users, To Display Multiple ads in the Same page but without duplicate ads. The Ads will be Fetched for PHP ADS new. <br />
  <br />
  <strong>NOTE:</strong> This is not a Stand Alone AD Rotator. This can only be used with PHPADSNew. 
<p class="style4"> <br />
  Here is the Example create by implementing the class.. </p>
   <li class="style4">&lt;?PHP</li>
   <li class="style4"> include_once(&quot;PHPAdsModule.class.php&quot;);</li>
   <li class="style4"> $DocumentURL = &quot;/siteadmin/ads/phpadsnew.inc.php&quot;;</li>
   <li class="style4"> $CampaignID=2;</li>
   <li class="style4"> $target=&quot;_blank&quot;;</li>
   <li class="style4"> $MaxAds=3;</li>
   <li class="style4">$Style = &quot;&lt;br&gt;&quot;; or $Style = &quot;&amp;nbsp;&quot;; </li>
   <li class="style4"> $Ads = new PHPAdsModule($DocumentURL,$CampaignID,$target,$MaxAds);</li>
   <li class="style4"> $Ads-&gt;GetBanner();</li>
   <li class="style4"> $Ads-&gt;DisplayAds($Style);</li>
   <li class="style4"> ?&gt;</li>
 <p><br />
   <strong> </strong><span class="style4"><strong>   Line 2 :</strong> Includes the  class to this script 
   <strong><br />
   Line 3 :</strong> Determine the path of the PHPADSNEW.INC.PHP file <strong><br />
   Line 4 :</strong> Assign the Campaign Id to A variable <strong><br />
   Line 5 :</strong> Target of the Ads Link is to be set <strong><br />
   Line 6 :</strong> Determine the Number of Ads to Display <strong><br />
   <strong>Line 7 :</strong> </strong> Determine the style of Display whether Horizontal or Vertical ( ONLY TWO OPTIONS ALLOWED <strong>&amp;nbsp;</strong> and <strong>&lt;BR&gt;</strong> )  <strong><br />
   Line 8 :</strong>  Create  Object; will call the constructor function
   <strong><br />
Line 9 :</strong> Call to the GetBanner Function which will fetch the banner from the PHPAdsNew Database<br />
<strong>Line 10 :</strong> Call to the DisplayAds Function which will Display the Banner </span></p>
 <p><span class="style5">NOTE: </span><span class="style4">Please Select the MaxAds, by considering the number of Ads in u r Database. If you have less ADS in Database and select More number of ads to display some time u r result will go wrong. </span></p>

 <p class="style4">Active Link: <a href="http://thesociallight.com/testads.php" target="_blank">http://thesociallight.com/testads.php</a></p>
<p class="style4">&nbsp; </p>
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