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    <title>Actionpoll by ladstaetter robert</title>

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      Actionpoll implements an ordinary voting system in 
      <a href="http://www.php.net">PHP</a>.


      <li>written in PHP</li>
      <li>mysql database support</li>
	for those who don't have access to a mysql database,
	there is an opinional <b>text configuration</b>
      <li>unlimited options</li>
      <li>easy configurable for your site through css</li>
      <li>no multiple votes through ip tracking</li>
	if a certain number of votes for one option is reached, 
	an arbitrary action takes place.
        more polls on one html site
      <li>logging of domain names of voters</li>

    <h2>Missing features</h2>

      <li>cookies support (next thing to do)</li>
      <li>remote administration via web</li>
      <li>grouping of polls</li>
      <li>statistics of past polls</li>
      <li>xml support</li>

    <h2>Yeah, but how does it look like?</h2>
      At the bottom of the page you will find a poll.<br><br>
    <a href="./example.php">Here</a> is an <a href="./example.php">example</a> of multiple polls on
    one website. (a feature which is quite handy if you have to make a survey)

    <h2>WML Output</h2>

      This poll includes also an output for WML - if you look at the sources
      you will realize that other output can be added without rewriting the
      whole script. I've tested the output with a Nokia 7110, but since WAP
      is rather unstable (or the implementations of the browsers) you almost
      certainly have to make some minor changes.


      The program is licensed under GPL, but it would be nice if you
      would send me the address of your site so that I could track how
      many sites use it. It is common practice however to leave the
      copyright notice untouched ;-).

      Almost certainly there are some, I tested it with Linux/Apache/PHP4 and
      Netscape & Mickeymouse Exploder (>=V4). Opera/Konqueror/Mozilla shouldn't
      have problems with it.


      Actionpoll in tar.gz Format: <a href="./actionpollV1_1_0.tar.gz">actionpollV1_1_0.tar.gz</a>. (latest version)<br>
      Actionpoll in zip Format: <a href="./actionpollV1_1_0.zip">actionpollV1_1_0.zip</a>.

      Actionpoll in tar.gz Format: <a href="./actionpollV1_0_0.tar.gz">actionpollV1_0_0.tar.gz</a>.<br>
      Actionpoll in zip Format: <a href="./actionpollV1_0_0.zip">actionpollV1_0_0.zip</a>.

    <h2>Sites that use actionpoll</h2>

      <!-- <li><a href="http://burglift.stmk.gv.at">http://burglift.stmk.gv.at</a> coming soon ... </li> -->
<!--    <li><a href="http://"></a></li> -->
    <li><a href="http://www.rtbf.be/capitale/">http://www.rtbf.be/capitale/</a></li>
    <li><a href="http://tintinabar.gameseek.com">http://tintinabar.gameseek.com</a></li>
	<li>If you use, like, dislike the script _please_ mail me your www - address, so I can put it up here. I'm happy with the feedback, and will release a new version soon (mysql/xml/cookies support planned).</li>

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