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//login errors
class display_error
    function dojo_login_error($error_no){
$error_text[0] = 'Please Enter Your Username and Password Accordingly';
$error_text [1] = 'Username or Password Wrong';
$error_text [2] = 'Login Successful';
$error_text [3]= 'Please Login To Go To Administration Area';
$error_text [4] = 'You are Logged Out, Login Again <br />OR<br /> <a href="index.php">Go To Home Page</a>';
$error_text [5] = 'Your Account is in que for Approval by Administrator';
$error_text [6] = 'Please Confirm Your eMail First by Going to your eMail<br />Your Registered eMail: '.$_SESSION["error_email"];
$error_text [7] = 'Your Account has been Temperorily blocked due to voilation of terms';
$error_text [8] = 'Your account has been permanently blocked due to voilation of terms';
$error_text [9] = 'You cannot use this copy of code, Your are a vicitm of Software privacy, please purchase the origional version of this software call now at: +92 .333 6114035 or visit http://www.abdohoo.com/solutions/';
$error_text [10] = 'You Must be Logged In to View This Page';
$error_text [11] = 'Please Login To Continue';
$error_text [12] = 'Please Login First';

    return array($error_text[$error_no],$error_no);

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