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An Army of 1234!;Wait Till We Get Our 1234 On You!;When You've Got 1234,Flaunt It!;Show Me 
The 1234!;Time for a Sharp 1234!;Uh-oh,Better Get 1234!;Get More From 1234!;A Finger of 1234 is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat!;
Things Go Better with 1234!;Out Of The Strong Came Forth 1234!;1234 is my passion!;My way is 1234!;Feel good with 1234!;1234,the Real Thing!;
Start the day with 1234!;1234 - what more could you want?;I believe in 1234!;Be inspired by 1234!;1234 - spice up your life!;The age of 1234!;
1234. Impossible is nothing!;The 1234 look!;For the love of 1234!;1234 - it's like heaven!;
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