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We see sloganizers in different sites that create slogans from our entered keywords and display them.this package serves the same purpose.

in this package slogans.txt is the storage/source of the slogans.here slogans are stored in this way-
                   1234+ending part of slogan; 
		   starting part of the slogan+1234;
		   starting part of slogan+1234+ending part of slogan;

as for example:i love 1234.
so when you enter a keyword(i.e.-jesus) this 1234 is replaced with that keyword and it becomes a slogan(i.e.-i love jesus).

the main class 'sloganizer' in sloganizer.class.php gets all the slogans from slogans.txt and process them to get a random slogan and add the keyword in that slogan replacing the 1234.and returns the created slogan.

sloganizer.php is used to get and display the created slogan from class 'sloganizer'.in this package this script acts as a server side page for AJAX.

sample.html is a simple html page with AJAX that gets the keywords from the visitors and displays the slogans(got from the server side page) without loading the page.

you can add more slogans in slogans.txt in the way i mentioned with a ';' at the end.as for example: my life is going to be a 1234!;
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