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// This class is intended to be used by those who have published classes on
//  the phpclasses.org website.
// This is an example of how to use the AClassRating class.
// AClassRating is used to retrieve and display an author's rank and the
// ratings of each of his/her published classes on PHPClasses.org. Given
// the author's number, it will extract the following information from the
// PHPClasses website.
// For the author it will display:
//     Number of classes
//     All time rank
//     Week Rank
// For each published class it will display: 
//    Name of class
//    All time users
//    All time rank
//    Week users
//    Week rank              
// Be patient. It takes a few seconds for the information to be displayed.
// Remember, it has to load and extract the information from each class page
//  plus the author's page.
// Change the value of $authnum to your author number. This number is mine.
include "class.aclassrating.php";
$cr=new aclassrating();
$cr->startit("George Clarke");
 print "There are no classes for this author number.";
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