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//main configuration
$plugin_name = "spamwords"; // note: this should be the same name as the name of the plugin-folder (lowercase)
$plugin_author = "Stefferson";
$plugin_description = "this plugin allows your to add or delete words from the list of spamwords to protect you site from spammers";
$plugin_version = "1.1";

// plugins are integrated into Zomplog by using so called 'hooks'

if($hook == "spamwordslist"){

$query = "SELECT * FROM $prefix" . "_spamwords";

$result = mysql_query($query,$link) or die("Could not load list of spamwords.");

$spamarray = arrayMaker($result);

foreach($spamarray as $spamdata){

  $spamword = stripslashes($spamdata[spamword]);

  $spamwords[] = $spamword;


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