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// This is Malay language file

//----------------- version 3.9 additions -----------------------//

// Back end
$lang_publicationdates   = "publication dates";
$lang_publishdate        = "publish date";
$lang_expirydate         = "expiry date";
$lang_publishdate_text   = "First day and time on which post must be shown.<br /><em>don't change when you want to show immediately</em>";
$lang_expirydate_text    = "Last day and time on which post must be shown.<br /><em>only when applicable</em>";
$lang_no_expirydate      = "Incomplete expiry date. Give a <strong>complete</strong> date and time or leave void.";
$lang_wrong_date_order   = "The expiry date must be later than the publish date.";
$lang_not_published      = "not yet published";
$lang_expired            = "expired";
$lang_false_publishdate  = "The publish date you entered is nonexistent.";
$lang_false_expirydate   = "The expiry date you entered is nonexistent.";
$lang_post               = "post";
$lang_mainpage           = "mainpage";
$lang_page               = "page";
$lang_logged_in          = "now logged in";
$lang_number             = "number";
$lang_date_options       = "date options";

//----------------- version 3.8.2 additions -----------------------//

// Back end -> settings_theme.php
$lang_header_bg          = "header/footer background";
$lang_menu_bg            = "menu background";
$lang_new_headerimg      = "new header image<br /><em>ideal size for default theme 712x142px</em>";
$lang_header_title_font  = "header/footer font";
$lang_content_title_font = "contenttitle font";
$lang_main_text_font     = "main text font";
$lang_menu_font          = "menu font";
$lang_links              = "links";
$lang_links_hover        = "when hovered";
$lang_menu_links         = "menulinks";
$lang_menu_links_hover   = "when hovered";

// Back end -> file_manager.php
$lang_img_in_upload      = "Images in directory <em>Upload</em>";
$lang_files_in_upload    = "Other files in directory <em>Upload</em>";
$lang_large              = "large";
$lang_small              = "small";
$lang_insert             = "insert";
$lang_insert_image       = "Insert image into textarea";
$lang_insert_file        = "Insert link to file into textarea";

// Back end -> file_manager_include.php
$lang_info               = "Info";
$lang_fileman            = "File Manager";
$lang_close_fileman      = "Close file manager";
$lang_move_mouse         = "Move your mouse over files in the list to see a preview.";
$lang_file_browser       = "File browser";

// Back end -> file_manager_upload.php
$lang_insert_directly    = "Images will be inserted into your textarea directly, other files will be inserted as a link. Maximum 2 files at once.";

// Back end -> newentry.php
$lang_use_fileman_1      = " or use the ";
$lang_use_fileman_2      = "file manager";

//----------------- version 3.8.1 additions -----------------------//
// messages
$lang_message001 = "One or more words you used are listed as spam words, your comment cannot be posted";
$lang_message002 = "Create a new page, add images and files or a contact form.";
$lang_message003 = "Create a new post and add images, mp3's or movies. If you add an mp3 or movie, you will automatically start podcasting them!";
$lang_message004 = "Edit or delete posts.";
$lang_message005 = "Delete or edit comments, or ban users.";
$lang_message006 = "You did not fill out a category name";
$lang_message007 = "Edit your personal profile.";
$lang_message008 = "Create, edit or delete users.";
$lang_message009 = "Change your settings.";
$lang_message010 = "Here you can activate or de-activate parts of the menu of your blog.";
$lang_message011 = "Activate the Zomplog moblog system.";
$lang_message012 = "Pick a theme and edit it through the theme options or the theme html editor.<br />Not your taste? <a href=\"http://www.zomp.nl/development/zomplog/wiki/GetThemes\">Get more themes!</a>";
$lang_message013 = "Theme options allow you to change the look and feel of your site, without having to know anything about HTML!";
$lang_message014 = "This theme doesn't have any theme options. Choose <a href=\"changeclothes.php\">another theme</a>.";
$lang_message015 = "Know some HTML? Get the most out of Zomplog by manually editing your theme!";
$lang_message016 = "Manage your plugins. <a href=\"http://www.zomp.nl/development/zomplog/wiki/GetPlugins\">Get more plugins here!</a>";
$lang_message017 = "Sorry, no items found in the RSS file";
$lang_message018 = "Sorry, it's not possible to reach RSS file";
$lang_message019 = "please enter a date format, otherwise zomplog will not function properly";
$lang_message020 = "please enter a value for the posts per page field";
$lang_message021 = "please enter a value for the scroll field";
$lang_message022 = "please enter a value for the maximum upload size field";
$lang_message023 = "please provide an email adress";
$lang_message024 = "please provide a mailserver URL";
$lang_message025 = "please provide a mail username";
$lang_message026 = "please provide a mail password";
$lang_message027 = "please select true or false from the <em>shared</em> dropdown menu";
$lang_message028 = "please choose a theme";
$lang_message029 = "please enter theme content";
$lang_message030 = "Please fill out your name";
$lang_message031 = "Please fill out your email-adress";
$lang_message032 = "This is not a valid email-adress";
$lang_message033 = "One or more words you used are listed as spam words, the contact form cannot be posted";
$lang_message034 = "Please fill out your address";
$lang_message035 = "You should fill out your zip or postal code";
$lang_message036 = "You should fill out your country";
$lang_message037 = "You should pick your gender";
$lang_message038 = "day should contain two characters";
$lang_message039 = "day should lie between 01 and 31";
$lang_message040 = "month should contain two characters";
$lang_message041 = "month should lie between 01 and 12";
$lang_message042 = "year should contain four characters";
$lang_message043 = "year should be before 2039";
$lang_message044 = "year should be after 1970";
$lang_message045 = "hours should contain two characters";
$lang_message046 = "minutes should contain two characters";
$lang_message047 = "On this page you can edit the post you've selected.";
$lang_message048 = "Here you can edit the page you just selected.";
$lang_message049 = "You did not fill out a new spamword";
$lang_message050 = "Delete or add spamwords, to avoid comments with spam.";
$lang_message051_a = "File";
$lang_message051_b = "is too big.<br />Allowed size:";
$lang_message051_c = "could not be uploaded.";
$lang_message052_a = "Unsupported filetype:";
$lang_message052_b = ". Allowed filetypes: jpg and gif.";
$lang_message053 = "No file selected";

// Back end -> members
$lang_zompnews = "Zomplog news";
$lang_zomp_version = "This is Zomplog version";
$zomplog_elsewhere = "Zomplog elsewhere";
$lang_check_tips_tricks = " Want to get more out of Zomplog? See the ";
$lang_check_forum = " Questions, bugs, features? Come see us at the ";

// Back end -> newpage.php
$lang_set_mainpage = "use as mainpage";
$lang_submit = "Submit &rsaquo;&rsaquo;";
$lang_bold = "bold";
$lang_italic = "italic";
$lang_underline = "underline";
$lang_img = "img";
$lang_url = "URL";
$lang_upload_img_file = "Upload images and files";
$lang_options = "options";
$lang_jpeg_gif = ".jpeg and .gif";
$lang_thumbnails = "create thumbnails";
$lang_supported_formats = "For a list of all supported formats, look <a href=\"http://www.zomp.nl/projects/zomplog/wiki/FileManager\">here";
$lang_contactform = "contact form";
$lang_use_contactform = "use contact form";

// Back end -> page.php
$lang_reorder_pages = "You can easily reorder pages by just dragging them and then pressing";
$lang_reorder = "reorder";

// Back end -> category.php
$lang_reorder_cats = "Create, edit, delete or reorder categories. You can easily reorder categories by just dragging them and then pressing";

// Back end -> page.php
$lang_teaser = "teaser";

// Back end -> newentry.php
$lang_mediafile = "Optionally, you can link to a media file: ";
$lang_mp3_mov = "mp3 and .mov:";
$lang_podcast = "create podcast";
$lang_enter_title = "enter a title";
$lang_something_wrong = "Something went wrong";
$lang_cat_exists = "this category already exists";
$lang_set_permissions = "Before you can upload files, you should set the right permissions. <a href=\"http://zomp.nl/development/zomplog/wiki/SettingPermissions\" target=\"_blank\">What's this?</a>";
$lang_embed_code = "Embed code for Youtube, Myspace, Vimeo, etc:";

// Back end -> comments.php
$lang_banned_ip = "banned ip-adresses";
$lang_undo_ban = "undo ban";

// Back end -> profile.php
$lang_address = "Adress";
$lang_zipcode = "ZIP code";
$lang_country = "Country";
$lang_birthday = "Birthday";
$lang_gender = "Gender";
$lang_male = "Male";
$lang_female = "Female";
$lang_home_url = "Homepage URL (with http://)";
$lang_image_url = "Image URL (with http://)";
$lang_utube_url = "YouTube movie URL (with http://)";
$lang_interests = "interests";
$lang_password_only_when = "fill in only when you want to change your password";
$lang_mismatch = "Your passwords did not match";

// Back end -> editor.php
$lang_day = "day";
$lang_month = "month";
$lang_year = "year";
$lang_hour = "hour";
$lang_minutes = "minutes";
$lang_reorder_img_file = "reorder images and files";

// Back end -> editor_pages.php
$lang_curr_img_file = "Current images and Files";

// Back end -> editor_users.php
$lang_edit_user = "Edit user";

// Back end -> users.php
$lang_login_id = "already exists. Try another.";
$lang_confirmation_password = "confirmation password";

// Back end -> settings.php
$lang_rssfeed = "RSS-feed and podcasts";
$lang_site_desc = "Site description";
$lang_feed_cat = "Feed category";
$lang_language = "Language";
$lang_email_webmaster = "Webmaster email";
$lang_your_zomp = "URL of your Zomplog site";

// Back end -> settings_moblog.php
$lang_help = "help";
$lang_moblog_help01 = "What is a moblog? The moblog system of Zomplog allows you to update your weblog through email or even your mobile phone. Great if you get an idea on the road, or want to post pictures during your trip to, let's say, Russia! From now on Zomplog is with you everywhere you go!.";
$lang_moblog_help02 = "How does it work?";
$lang_moblog_help03 = "In order for the system to filter which mails are meant for posting on your weblog, and which aren't, you should enclose the body text of your email in &quot;#&quot;-signs. Other emails will just be ignored by the system. If you attach an image to your email, it will also be posted on your blog! Needless to say, the title field of your email will also be the title field of your blog post. It works with emails sent through your SMS/MMS-Gateway and with all normal email messages.<br /><br />Users of your Zomplog configuration can use the email-adress they provided in their user-profile for sending emails from. Other emails are rejected. More information can be found <a href=\"help.php?id=1\">here</a>. ";
$lang_moblog_help04 = "Set up a moblog email-adress";
$lang_moblog_help05 = "You, as an administrator, will need an email adress that the script can check for incoming mails. This will be the adress you, and other users of the system, can send their blog posts to. This can be your normal email-account, because the moblog system filters out all messages that aren't meant for posting.";
$lang_moblog_help06 = "";
$lang_mailsettings = "Incoming mail settings";
$lang_email_address = "email address";
$lang_mailserver = "mail server";
$lang_mailserver_x = "<br /><em>e.g. 'localhost' or 'pop.mailserver.com'</em>";
$lang_mailusername = "mail username";
$lang_mailusername_x = "<br /><em>this is usually the part before '@'</em>";
$lang_mailpassword = "mail password";
$lang_mailpassword_x = "<br /><em>your email password</em>";
$lang_shared_mail = "shared email address";
$lang_shared_mail_x = "<br /><strong>be careful with this setting!</strong><br />if you use the above email-account for other purposes than moblogging, set to &quot;TRUE&quot;, if the email-adress is dedicated to moblogging, set to &quot;FALSE&quot;";
$lang_moblogon = "moblog on";

// Back end -> settings_theme.php
$lang_curr_headerimg = "Current headerimage";
$lang_remove = "remove";
$lang_headerimg = "Headerimage";
$lang_color = "color";
$lang_theme_options_for = "Theme options for:";

// Back end -> themes.php
$lang_themes_help01 = "Make files writable";
$lang_themes_help02 = "Note: you can only edit themes if they are writable. Set the permissions of each php file in the themes folder to &quot;666&quot;.";
$lang_themes_help03 = "Edit a theme";
$lang_themes_help04 = "The easiest way to edit a theme is to copy the code of index.php to your favorite html-editor, and edit all lay-out elements you want to change. All you need to do is make sure you leave everything that starts with &quot;&lt;?&quot; and ends with &quot;?&gt;&quot; in place . These are php-tags that add functionality to your design. If you leave them out, Zomplog won't work anymore or just partly. After you've changed the lay-out of the theme, just copy the code back into the code-field below.";
$lang_themes_help05 = "Create your own theme";
$lang_themes_help06 = "To make it easier for you to create your own themes, a Zomplog theme consists of only 2  files: index.php, which contains the main layout like header, menu, and a footer. The second file, content.php, contains the style information for different types of content: blog posts, pages, archives, etc.";
$lang_themes_help07 = "Design a theme from scratch";
$lang_themes_help08 = "Just design a layout in your favorite editor, name it index.php and be sure to include the following code where you want the mainpage content to be displayed: &lt;? include (&quot;content.php&quot;); ?&gt;";
$lang_contentphp = "Content.php (content like blog posts, pages, archives, etc.)";
$lang_indexphp = "Index.php (the main layout of the site)";
$lang_can_edit = "This file is writable, so you can edit it";
$lang_cant_edit = "You could edit this theme if it was writable";
$lang_top = "top";
$lang_bottom = "bottom";

// Back end -> plugins.php
$lang_plugins = "plugins";
$lang_plugins_need_more = "Need additional features? <a href=\"http://www.zomp.nl/projects/zomplog/wiki/GetPlugins\">Get more plugins!</a>";
$lang_install_plugin = "install and activate plugin";
$lang_plugin_is_active = "plugin is active, ";
$lang_activate_plugin = "activate plugin";
$lang_deactivate_plugin = "de-activate plugin";
$lang_plugin_control = "plugin control panel";
$lang_author = "Author:";
$lang_description = "Description:";
$lang_version = "Version:";

// Back end -> functions.php
$lang_req_field = "is a required field.";
$lang_enter_valid = "Please enter a valid";
$lang_invalid01_a = "is invalid, it should be at least";
$lang_invalid01_b = "character(s).";
$lang_invalid01_c = "is invalid, it should be less than";

// Back end spamwords.php
$lang_manage_spam = "Manage Spamwords";
$lang_add_spam = "Add Spamword";
$lang_spamwords = "Spamwords";

// Front end -> navbar.php
$lang_first = "first";
$lang_last = "last";
$lang_previous = "previous";
$lang_next = "next";

// Front end -> themes/default/content.php
$lang_uncategorized = "uncategorized";
$lang_city = "city";
$lang_phone = "phone";
$lang_mobile_phone = "mobile phone";
$lang_remarks = "remarks";
$lang_january = "January";
$lang_february = "February";
$lang_march = "March";
$lang_april = "April";
$lang_may = "May";
$lang_june = "June";
$lang_july = "July";
$lang_august = "August";
$lang_september = "September";
$lang_october = "October";
$lang_november = "November";
$lang_december = "December";
$lang_real_name = "real name";
$lang_website = "website";
$lang_recent_posts_by = "Recent posts by";
$lang_all_posts_by = "View all posts by";

// Front end -> themes/defaul/index.php
$lang_main_page = "back to main page";

//----------------- version 3.6 additions -----------------------//
// roslan - hide@address.com e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
// May 14, 2007

// Front end -> menu
$lang_about = "Perihal";
$lang_teasers = "Teasers";
$lang_latest_entries = "Kemasukan terkahir";
$lang_latest_comments = "Komen terakhir";
$lang_meta = "Meta"; //you can probably leave this as it is
$lang_valid = "Pengesahan";

// Admin area - menu
$lang_users = "pengguna";
$lang_themes = "tema";
$lang_dashboard = "Dashboard";
$lang_menu_settings = "Ubahsuai Menu";
$lang_moblog_settings = "Ubahsuai Moblog ";
$lang_choose_theme = "Pilih tema";
$lang_theme_options = "Pilihan tema";
$lang_theme_html_editor = "Editor html tema ";

// Admin area
$lang_create_new = "atau bina yang baru"; // create a new category, that is
$lang_thumbnail_width = "Lebar Thumbnail ";
$lang_align = "Align";
$lang_left = "kiri";
$lang_right = "kanan";

//Admin area -> settings
$lang_weblog_subtitle = "sub-tajuk weblog";
$lang_use_WYSIWYG_editor = "guna editor WYSIWYG"; // short for What You See Is What You Get editor
$lang_about_blog = "Mengenai Blog saya";
$lang_custom_text = "Pindaan text @ kod (cth: Google Analytics)";

$lang_theme_options_descr = "Di sini anda boleh mengubahsuai beberapa perkara mengenai tema anda spt: imej kepada, warna latarbelakang dsb";
$lang_activate_theme_options = "aktifkan tema pilihan";
$lang_choose = "Pilih";
$lang_another_theme = "tema lain";
$lang_theme_options_for_theme = "Pilihan tema untuk tema:"; //this line is followed by the name of the theme
$lang_edit_current_theme = "Ubahsuai tema sekarang:"; //this line is followed by the name of the theme

$lang_your_latest_posts = "pos anda yang terakhir";
$lang_latest_pages = "laman terakhir";
$lang_latest_users = "pengguna terkakhir";

//----------------- older -----------------------//

// Front end -> main content
$lang_number_comments = "komen-komen"; //number of comments under posts
$lang_no_results = "tiada keputusan dijumpai.";
$lang_read_more = "baca seterusnya...";
$lang_listen = "listen to mp3...";
$lang_view = "view movie...";
$lang_searched_for = "You have searched for";
$lang_posts_by = "Dipos oleh";

// Front end -> menu
$lang_search = "Carian";
$lang_recent_posts = "Pos terkini";
$lang_categories = "Kategori";
$lang_authors = "Pengarang";
$lang_rss_feed = "Hantaran Rss";
$lang_admin = "Administrator";
$lang_login = "Log masuk";
$lang_register = "Daftar";
$lang_powered = "Dibina diatas";
$lang_archive = "Arkib";

// Front end -> detail.php
$lang_write_comment = "Tulis komen";
$lang_name = "nama";
$lang_comment = "komen";
$lang_comments = "Komen-komen";
$lang_no_comments_found = "tiada komen di jumpai";
$lang_on = "pada"; // as in "comment posted on date"
$lang_error_name = "Anda tidak mengisi ruangan nama";
$lang_error_comment = "Anda tidak menulis sebarang komen";
$lang_error_comment_success = "Anda telah berjaya menambah komen.";

// Front end -> page.php

$lang_contact = "Hubungi";
$lang_your_email_sent = "Email anda telah di hantar!";
$lang_name_mail = "Nama";
$lang_email_mail = "Email";
$lang_additional_remarks = "Nota tambahan";

// Back end -> menu.php
$lang_entries = "Pos";
$lang_newentry = "pos baru";
$lang_edit_delete = "ubahsuai /padam post";
$lang_profile = "Profil Peribadi";
$lang_editprofile = "ubahsuai profil peribadi";
$lang_controlpanel = "Sistem kawalan admin";
$lang_settings = "kawalan sistem";
$lang_moblog_settings = "kawalan moblog";
$lang_content_management = "Pengurusan Butiran";
$lang_manage_users = "pengurusan pengguna";
$lang_manage_categories = "pengurusan kategori";
$lang_manage_comments = "pengurusan komen";
$lang_pages = "Laman-laman";
$lang_newpage = "laman baru";
$lang_edit_delete_page = "ubahsuai / padam laman";
$lang_upload_images = "upload imej";
$lang_custom_upload_tool = "peralatan upload kostum";

// Back end -> members.php
$lang_total_number_posts = "Jumlah pos keseluruhan";
$lang_total_number_pages = "Jumlah laman keseluruhan";
$lang_total_number_users = "Jumlah pengguna keseluruhan";
$lang_total_number_categories = "Jumlah kategori keseluruhan";
$lang_total_number_comments = "Jumlah komen keseluruhan";
$lang_lastpost = "Pos anda terakhir adalah";
$lang_site_statistics = "Statistik Halaman";
$lang_your_statistics = "Statistik Anda";

// Back end -> header.php

$lang_members_area = "dashboard";
$lang_view_site = "lihat laman";
$lang_logout = "log keluar";

// Back end -> entries (newentry.php, editor.php, entry.php)

$lang_title = "Tajuk";
$lang_text = "Teks";
$lang_extended = "Sambungan (pilihan)";
$lang_upload_image = "Upload imej";
$lang_full_width = "Papar imej dengan lebar penuh";
$lang_category = "Kategori";
$lang_choosemaincat = "Pilih kategori utama";
$lang_replace_image = "Tukar imej";
$lang_media = "URL atau fail media  ";
$lang_choose_type = "Pilih jenis media";
$lang_entries_by_others = "Kemasukan oleh yang lain";
$lang_your_entries = "Kemasukan anda";
$lang_order_by = "Disusun oleh";
$lang_date = "Tarikh";
$lang_number_of_images = "Bilangan imej:";

// Back end -> edit/delete
$lang_edit = "ubahsuai";
$lang_delete = "padam";

// Back end -> User Management (profile.php, users.php)
$lang_username = "namapengguna";
$lang_password = "katalaluan";
$lang_retype_password = "pengesahan katalaluan";
$lang_email = "email";
$lang_use_email_moblog = "guna email ini untuk moblogging";
$lang_what_is_moblogging = "Apakah moblogging?";
$lang_about_me = "mengenai saya";
$lang_administrator = "administrator";
$lang_user = "pengguna";
$lang_create_user = "tambah pengguna";
$lang_current_users = "pengguna terkini";

// Back end -> Settings (settings.php)
$lang_system_settings = "Kawalan Sistem";
$lang_main_config = "Konfigurasi Utama";
$lang_weblog_title = "tajuk weblog";
$lang_comments_on = "pengaktifan komen";
$lang_categories_on = "pengaktifan kategori";

$lang_mediafile_on = "pengaktifan fail-media";
$lang_activate_site_parts = "Activate site parts";
$lang_admin_welcome_message = "Kata aluan pengguna";
$lang_site_welcome_message = "Kata aluan Website  ";
$lang_messages = "Kata Aluan";
$lang_dashboard_rss_feed = "Hantaran RSS URL untuk dashboard";
$lang_allow_register = "sesiapa boleh mendaftar";

$lang_choose_language = "Pilih bahasa";
$lang_choose_skin = "Pilih kulit";
$lang_posts_per_page = "pos per laman";
$lang_scroll = "skrol";
$lang_scroll_explained = "(the number of pagelinks in the previous-next part)";
$lang_upload_on = "pengaktifan upload";
$lang_max_upload = "saiz upload maksima";
$lang_pages_admin = "siapa yang boleh bina/ubahsuai laman?";
$lang_pages_admin_only = "admin sahaja";
$lang_date_time = "Tarikh/Masa";
$lang_date_time_format = "Format Tarikh/Masa";

$lang_thumbnail_width = "lebar thumbnail";
$lang_thumbnail_fullwidth = "lebar maksima";

// Back end -> category.php
$lang_new_category = "Bina kategori baru";
$lang_category_name = "Nama kategori";
$lang_edit_category = "Ubahsuai Kategori";
$lang_choose_category = "Pilih kategori";
$lang_edit_category_name = "Ubahsuai nama kategori";
$lang_delete_category = "Padam Kategori";

// Back end -> comments.php, comments_editor.php
$lang_edit_comment = "Ubahsuai komen";
$lang_comment_name = "nama";
$lang_comment = "komen";
$lang_ban = "sekat";

// Back end -> newpage.php
$lang_add_contact_form = "tambah borang kontek?";
$lang_form_email = "borang email";

//errors, well actually the messages if an action was succesful...
$lang_error1 = "Pos telah berjaya ditambah!";
$lang_error2 = "Pos telah berjaya ditambah!";
$lang_error3 = "Data telah berjaya dipadam.";
$lang_error4 = "Profil pengguna telah berjaya ditambah!";
$lang_error5 = "Settings have been updated succesfully!";
$lang_error6 = "Kategori telah berjaya ditambah!";
$lang_error7 = "Kategori telah berjaya dipinda!";
$lang_error8 = "Komen telah berjaya di pinda!";
$lang_error9 = "Pengguna baru telah dibuat!";
$lang_error10 = "Laman baru telah berjaya ditambah!";
$lang_error11 = "Laman telah berjaya ditambah!";
$lang_error12 = "Ip-adress telah berjaya disekat!";
$lang_error13 = "Ip-adress telah berjaya di nyah-sekat!";

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