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Choose your preferred language in the zomplog settings control panel

If you want to create a new language, just copy an existing language file (preferrably the english or dutch file, since those are the original languagefiles), and translate it to your preferred language.
Save it in the language folder and upload it.
To activate the language, go to the settings page in the admin control panel, and pick the language file you've just created form the language dropdown menu.
Once you've translated Zomplog, don't hesitate to share your file by posting and uploading it to the forum: http://zomplog.zomp.nl

Mind you - you have to zip the language file (my_language.zip) or change its extension to .txt (my_language.txt) or it won't upload!

Have fun!

Bulgarian            - by Azerot
Danish               - by David Cricket
Dutch                - by Gerben & Frank
English              - by Gerben & Frank
French               - by Monsieur Thomas Albert
German               - by Wolfgang Pachernegg; Micha & Abaton
Greek                - by Antonis Mylonopoulos
Italian              - by Kritaly
Japanese             - by Hiroki Sugawara
Malay                - by Roslantree
Norwegian            - by NN
Polish               - by Simon Konczal
Brazilian Portuguese - by Ronaldo Abati
Romanian             - by Claudiu Savescu
Spanish              - by NN
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