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If you're currently using Zomplog version 2.3 or later, there's an easy way to upgrade to the latest version of Zomplog. All your previous posts will be automatically imported into the new version!

1. open config.php (in the admin folder) and fill out the same database-connection information you used for the previous version. Note: if you've changed the table-names of the previous version, you should change the table names in the new version to fit the names of the old version.

2. If you want to keep the skin you used in the previous version, copy it to the skins-folder of the new version.

3. Upload everything (to the original folder, or to a new one, this doesn't affect the upgrade).

4. With your webbrowser, visit upgrade/version23.php (or the version you're currently uprading from e.g version30.php). If you get the "succesfully upgraded" message, everything went fine. You have now upgraded to the latest version of Zomplog!

Note: if something went wrong during the upgrade, your old posts will still be in the database. The upgrade file does not delete any old data.

Note about skins: In version 3.5 the templating-system has changed. If your old templates don't work anymore, and you want them to work, here's the fix: put the contents of your old HEADER.PHP, SIDEMENU.PHP and FOOTER.PHP in one file (in this order, so that it forms a complete HTML page) and name it "index.php". In the main column (or anywhere else you want your main content to be) add the following lines of code:

<?php include("content.php"); ?>
<?php include ("2ndlevel/navbar.php"); ?>

After that, put the file you just created in the folder for the default skin. This will mostly fix the problem!
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