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<div class="title">Zomplog Installer </div><br />




Congratulations! Zomplog was able to connect to your database, using the settings you provided in config.php! From this point on, there's really nothing that can go wrong. Just press the install-link. 
<div class="title">Install Zomplog</div>
  Let's go: <a href="install.php">install zomplog</a>!<br />


<div class="title">Upgrade Zomplog</div>
<p>If you want to upgrade, just select your current version below. The safest
  way to upgrade is to upload version 3.8 in a new folder on your webserver,
  copy the database-information of your old version to config.php of this version,
  and then press the appropriate link below. If you get the message "zomplog
  has been succesfully upgraded" all went fine!</p>
<p><a href="upgrade/version23.php">upgrade from version 2.3 </a><br />
    <a href="upgrade/version30.php">upgrade from version 3.0</a><br />
    <a href="upgrade/version32.php">upgrade from version 3.2</a> <br />
    <a href="upgrade/version33.php">upgrade from version 3.3</a><br />
  <a href="upgrade/version34.php">upgrade from version 3.4</a> <br />
  <a href="upgrade/version35.php">upgrade from version 3.5</a> <br />
  <a href="upgrade/version36.php">upgrade from version 3.6</a> <br />
  <a href="upgrade/version38.php">upgrade from version 3.7<br />
  upgrade from version 3.8</a><br />

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