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ZitPG v0.04 Read me.

ZitPG (Zoom It! Photo Gallery) is a Gallery Software that uses a database to store information about albums, photos, users, news and commentaries.
If you want to see Zoom It! running in the web go to: 


	-	Multiple database selection: Zoom It! works using one of three databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite).
	-	User Management System, users can create their profile including personal information, photo, quote, etc.
	-	News Management System, publish the lastest news of your community and comment about them.
	-	Albums/Sub Albums, create your own albums and comment about them.
	-	Photos, publish those photos that you want to share with others, rate them and obviously you can comment about them too =P.
	-	Customize the site just editing the configuration.xml file!
	-	Photos are automatic resized and stored in 3 different resolutions (thumbail, sized and original resolution).
	-	All comments are bulletin board style.
	-	Customizable maximum photo file size (75kb maximum size by default).

Some technical specifications:
	-	Extensions used:
			+	mysqli
			+	postgresql
			+	sqlite
			+	gd2
			+	simplexml
	-	OOP Framework (classes folder) using new PHP5 OOP features.
	-	Runs under E_STRICT.
	-	Own Database wrapper.
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