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ZitPG v0.04 Installation Instructions.

Hi, just 5 steps separate you from successful install Zoom It!
If you want to see Zoom It! running in the web before/after install it go to:


-	PHP5 (try to use the last stable version available).
-	GD2 Library support.
-	SimpleXML Library support.
-	PHP has to support the database type which Zoom It! is going to use (mysqli, postgresql or sqlite support), anyway you might not activate those which are not used.


1.	Extract the zip file in a web folder**.
2.	Edit the configuration.php file in order to set up the database configuration (database type[mysql, postgresql or sqlite], server, user, password, etc.).
3.	Run the specific create_(database)_db.php script:
		For MySQL run			http://path/to/zoom/it/create_mysql_db.php
		For PostgreSQL run		http://path/to/zoom/it/create_postgresql_db.php
		For SQLite run			http://path/to/zoom/it/create_sqlite_db.php

	if you get any error while creating the database, each one of these files has the script used to create the database, feel free copying and running it directly in your database administration tool.
4.	Once the database has been created go to:
5.	Feel free to modify the configuration.xml file in order to setup site images(banners, default images, etc) and some other options (maximum photos file sizes, album rows/columns, etc.)

Have Fun!

Any comments or question, send an email to hide@address.com
Run this program under your own risk (doesn't really mean that something bad can happen but this is just what a disclaimer text is) because I'm not responsable if something goes wrong!

* check the php manual to install/configurate something missed.
** be sure the folder and its files has the right permissions.
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