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<p align='center' class='bigbold'>Bins and the Move feature</p>


<p>The bins are used to organize tickets into logical groups and control
access and viewing priviledges.  The bins typically represent departments,
crews, or work teams within the organization.</p>

<p>The bins are used to control who can access a ticket, who can work on it, and
even possibly who can view the ticket, based on the user's specific priviledges.

<p><b>Moving Tickets</b></p>

<p>A ticket can only be moved by the owner or a user with supervisor priviledges.

<p>Moving the ticket is done by choosing the 'Move' button while viewing the

<p><b>Moving Affects Ownership</b></p>

Once a ticket moves to a new bin, the owner is cleared. It is 
assumed that the owner is done with this ticket and wishes for another
person or department to be responsible for it now.
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