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---- 2.6.4 Release ----

  Enhanced and simplified email gateway: html, attachments, no more php imap module
  Fixed php4 compatability
  Added new Project Tree view (see field maps)
  Added notify list to ticket create screen
  Added delete capability for admins

  Pretty-fied the login screen
  Fixed search export date formats
  Fixed styling on checkboxes for list users screen
  Enhanced search_logs to work with empty search args
  Fixed caching error with data_groups
  Fixed problems with searchbox permissions--returning all users and bins
  Fixed php notices and related bugs
  Updated helpdesk scripts
----- 2.6.3 Maintenance Release ----

  Added functionality to log email activity (new setting: log_email_details)
  Improved ticket creator viewing permissions
  Can now add contacts from ticket create or edit (add in your field map)
  Add the Employee and Company tables to be available as data group tables

  Fixed hot keys broken by Firefox changes (accesskey works with alt+shift instead of alt now)
  Fixed cr/lf problems with emails sent that included logs/ticket descriptions
  Fixed emails being rejected by qmail because of line feeds
  Fixed emails sent as plain text, but processed by Outlook in html format(now accepted)
  Fixed build error in postgres
  Upgrade scripts for the database
  Bug fixes related to custom_multi fields
  Modified multi field clear values method in menu mode (#410)
  Modifications to highlight in the Navigator the current used section.
  355: fixed contacts, which were experiencing javascript error in IE
  Upgrading to new ADODB version (adodb494), fixed PHP 5 compatability
  Fixed "ADORecordSet_empty could not be converted to string" error
  Fixed minor issue with employee list overlapping contact list in the contacts nav bar
  Task #349: Pagination broken after search  -FIXED" zenTrack.class
  Fixed "Unterminated String Constant" bug for Evaluate type behaviors
  Fixed date formatting error caused by passing "" instead of 0
    Thanks to Eschatus for the find
  Department now displays correctly under contacts
  Fixed bug in javascript formatting tool
  Fixed mergeArrays yet again, still not working correctly... 
    Oh PHP!  How thy constantly changing ways bring me woe!
  Some users reported problems with $GLOBALS array not working as expected
  Replaced object references with global $obj;
  Fixed mergeArrays function, which was incorrectly removing elements from lists
  Fixed problem with radio buttons and approve/test fields, which can make tickets
    impossible to close under certain conditions.
  Cleaned up the divbutton code, improved submitForm function
  Corrected error viewing related tickets in the print screen
  Corrected stylesheet validation errors
  Fixed error with hidden fields being lost in ticket tabs and close screen

----- 2.6.2 Minor Release -----

  Searchbox fields now much more useful (looks up descriptions as well as ids)
  Added new helper UIs for searchbox fields
  Added field map for search export so that it can be configured
  Recent tickets now stored in user prefs so that they can be displayed the
    next time the user logs in.
  Recent history now expands onmouseover to show entire title of issues.  This
    can be disabled by setting 'expand_history' to 'off'.
  Added documentation for field map

  Ticket tabs and close screen were loosing varfield values (fixed)
  Fixed bug with ticket contents not updating after pressing accept button
  Fixed upload for new PHP upgrades ($HTTP_POST_FILES isn't working anymore)
  Config setting for attachment_types_allowed can now be set to 0 for all
  Added dynamic variables to the documentation for data groups
  Variable field documentation updated to reflect new field map model
  edit_reason_required javascript error corrected when editing in ticket tabs
  Fixed problem with attachments displaying as garbage (due to warning in header)
  Fixed Oracle SQL Syntax (and some other minor cleanup)
  Multi-fields not showing values on edit screen
  Ticket list after search shows improperly
  Fixed problems with behaviors not working for some users
  Removed varfield_idx table, getCustomFields method, and other deprecated code
  Fixed translation issue with escaped chars becoming ń (etc)
  Removed deprecated reports code/sql
  Changed title field length (new max is 250 chars)
  Missing logs in emailed tickets corrected
  Navigation tabs fixed for IE (clicking wasn't working well)
----- 2.6.1 Minor Release -----

  Added color pickers to config and priority screens
  Added hot keys to select items from ticket list
  Added hot keys and focus to forms
  Added to all ticket actions, edit form, contacts tab, and attachments tab
  Improved log appearance
  Hotkey hints do not stay open permanently when using alt+tab to leave window
  Oracle 9.0 sql error corrected (not properly ended when sorting search results)
  When one search result is returned, show ticket instead of list with one item
  Height of scrolling textboxes made configurable in ticket view
  Fixed static calls to Zen::ffv() method (broken by adding locale setting)
  Fixed sql error when adding users if homebin set to "All", 
  Corrected problem with cleanup util causing integers to be parsed poorly
  Corrected broken link pointing to hot key definitions.
  Corrected value_column validation when creating behaviors which are not file based (Thanks Epimethius)

----- Maintenance Release -----

  Fixed bug displaying tickets in bins user cannot view when selecting "all" from list filters
  Fixed incorrect reference to LIMIT in query (affecting sql server users)
  Fixed bug showing closed projects/tickets (when should only display open)
  Fixed log entries for email messages (< and > display correctly now)
  Removed debug print statement appearing in time column
  Restrict tickets listed in a project view to bins for logged in user rather than all tickets assigned to the project.
  Corrected wrapping of text in the navigation bar for displays less than 900px wide
  Added homebin link into options page
  Cleaned up options menu and added template for auto-login button
  Added help page to display hot key configuration
  Fixed contacts magifying glass icon to show contact info
  Removed unused customField pages and function calls
  Fixed problem loosing varfields in edit
  Ticket creation changed to add only one log entry
  Fixed "Invalid page mode requested: log" message when searching logs
  Rounded odate to date_fmt_time before saving to avoid future roundings
  Fixed checkboxes in attachments.
  Changed css references to 'hand' to 'pointer' which is available in both IE and Firefox.

----- Maintenance Release -----

  Fixed log entries for editing variable fields
  Added user inits when editing varfield values
  Euro dates work with adding new tickets now
  Fixed bug in behaviors with integer values for -value_column-
  Fixed bug in custom edit tab causing deleted values to be overlooked
  Fixed behavior submit to point to correct form if validation errors occur
  Contact email address fixed in ticket tabs
  Recent tickets feature fixed
  Fixed erroneous close time produced when editing ticket twice
  Removed project type_id from filters for ticket lists and vice versa
  A debug alert was present in the code, removed
  Added js validation to ticket create/edit forms for user/bin security

----- Maintenance Release -----

  Cached user lookups
  Cached access rights for users
  Fixed user/bin filtering for ticket lists and access
  Fixed bug causing my tickets to only show home bin
  Fixed bug causing behaviors to fail
  Fixed warning about global variables
  Fixed date picker not working in firefox, tt#252
  Fixed attachment truncate bug in tt#241
  Fix for title getting cut off
  Fixed project create error

----- 2.6 Major Release ----

  New UI look/feel
  Added keyboard shortcuts
  Added filters to list window
  Updated contacts section
  Added customizable multiple-select fields
  Added automatic email notifier for overdue tickets

  Added bin_id/type_id checks and filtering for project vs. tickets
  Added filter to debug output in footer
  Fixed caching of getUsersBins
  General GUI and code cleanup
  Prettied admin and help sections
  Minor translation issue
  Added spiffy icons
  Added log filter
  Improved spacing/eye tracking for ticket view
  Improved search_form values to avoid common search mistakes
  Fixed mOvr error message in mozilla
  Added view map table
  Added dynamic sorting to data types admin menus
  Reworked get_users, should work with all possible access configurations
  Fixed a bug in dateParse function
  Keyboard shortcuts added
  Minor bugs fixes to search and contacts sections
  Added missing custom_date fields to field map
  Login now works correctly if ZT is installed under a subdirectory of /help/
  Made htaccess/windows authentication for auto-login configurable
  Fixed error with https builds not viewing attachments correctly in IE
  Added javascript variables to data group feature
  Minor change in spanish translation
  Added ticket totals and paging info in listings
  Included some new translations
  Include default_access of the user in evaluation for retaining the ticket's owner
  Fixed a bug that created a wrong page immediately after project creation

----- Minor Release -----


  Added auto-login feature (via cookie)
  Added PHP5 support
  Added SQL Server 2000 support (via odbc_mssql)
  Search screen improvements
    - fixed default values
    - fixed the -any- choice to default correctly
    - fixed loss of bin names during search sorting/modification
  Fixed bug preventing save of the custom tab
  Fixed bugs in the create/edit process
  Improved text field formatting (problems with &#...; display and
  formatting issues)
  Corrected problem with project ids entered as null (causing new projects
  to not be displayed in project list)

----- Maintenance Release -----

  Upgraded ADODB library to 4.6.2


  Fixed problems with sections and saving edited/added tickets
  Improved escaping and rendering of text bodies.

  Fixed ZT_DEFINED for egate scripts (which are not included from www)
  Added missing security check to configVars template

----- 2.5.5 Major Release -----


  Added ability to edit the fields which appear on create, edit, list, search,
  and other screens.  (this is referred to as the Field Map Feature)

  Added sorting to the listTickets screen (and also search screen)

  Added ability to change label text when a behavior is run, so that the label
  field type can work with behaviors properly.

  Fixed SQL Server sequence id problem by adding an auto-increment feature
  to catch up with the max id.

  Added export to Excel (CSV file) feature to search page

  Added security to includes/ files to provide security for users who
  do not correctly locate the includes/ files outside of the web tree.

  Improved header/footer comments and messages

  Improved performance for ticket queries retrieved by contact
  Fixed minor bugs in retrieving list of tickets by contact (person or company)
  Added field map information to the contacts page (for listing tickets properly)

  Improved sorting algorithm to insure that columns to sort doesn't exceed 2
  (for efficieny)

  Added email test to install utils.

  Added improved array merge util

  Added support for 'mysqli' driver and some bug fixes in db insert calls

  Cleaned up security restrictions

  Added some useful security into the debug information (protect passwords,
  emails, and urls).

  Fixed project submit bug (type_id required, system_id required, etc..)

  Cleaned up behavior code for dealing with default values in hidden and text

  Fixed problem in fieldmap admin page for ticket_close map

  Fixed error raised in JS Console when accessing the ticket's close page

  To be used for hidden, text, etc: set the oldPos value if the fieldObj.value is in the list

  Fixed bug which allowed user to bypass setting password on first login

  Modified spanish translation

  For ticket's mails, included user's email in log

  Fixed a bug with retain_owner_move

  Related tickets weren't shown  -Fixed

  Added the posibility to set ctime when ticket is set to Pending (settings["ctime_on_pending"])

  UI fixed to allow clicking anywhere in nav menus.

  Added sorting to ticket lists

  Completed implementation of search pages in fieldMap

  Added SQL code to upgrade and install scripts

  Included field_map for close page

  Improved log for edits

  Enabled menu.template to display the current value as "selected" (TK 103)

  Added {field} property to data group javascript evals.  This allows a direct
  reference to the current field when used from behaviors.

  No tickets were shown when Assigned to... was selected  -Fixed

  Modified the format of the users' names in data groups 
  to lname,fname (to agree with the sort order)

  Fixed mistake in session cache usage:

  Found that if you are in custom tab, then go to the ticket list 
  and select a list, you get the custom tab with no behaviors 
  loaded. Now it's fixed.

  Migrated default values from varfield_idx to field_map

  Fixed a problem in saving created and edited tickets

  Implemented fieldMap in project/ticket edit screens

  Implemented fieldMap in search_form and search_list (not completed yet)

  Deprecated the searchList.php file (this uses listTickets instead now)

  Removed hypot() dependency, since some impls of php seem
  to be missing this function.

  Fixed typo in seed file for mysql

  Enabled email_accept option

  When creating a new ticket, the cal.gif image didn't appear if your
  images directory was not directly under website root (Fixed).

  Added a setting option to manage if a mandatory edit field to explain
  why the ticket is being edited should be shown in edit page

  Now, when disabling/enabling a date field, also de associated
  calendar icon is disabled/enabled

  Fixed a bug on behaviors when using file groups evaluating on a
  standard key-value field

  Re-executed behaviors didn't run. Fixed

  Replaced mispelled page_tile variables with page_title

  Added logic to determine owner by email or login
  for egate scripts

  Removed $Debug_Overview variable, this just seems to confuse people,
  added overview capabilities as part of $Debug_Mode

  Created administrative screen for the field map policies

  Minor updates to debugging panel

  Added field map implementation to the create screen

  Added caching of system properties and data types to reduce
  database lookups

  Installed methods for reading and updating the field map (for new
  configurable fields in views)

  Added more configurability to the set properties
  feature in egate_create (config file updated)

  Updated install, help, and upgrade docs

  Added ability to set properties(such as bin) via
  simple text in egate_create.php

  Fixed bcc address in egate_config and 
  added blurb to the admin help email to explain
  create vs admin interfaces

  Worked on translations

  Fixed function uptr to properly display spanish characters converted to uppercase

  Allow start_date and deadline to have date and time (TK 161)

  Added ticket properties to custom screen (TK 150)

  Don't show "click here to edit rules" after editing details of a Javascript or File data group (Bug #140)

  Fix to log properly ticket edit's changes

  Fix to properly display ticket_titleBox information when adding new recipients to notify list (Bug #157).

  Replaced occurrences of $_ENV with $_SERVER (Bug #154)


  Added missing varfield index for custom_menu1

  Default groups in field_map page didn't show the selected field in the
  pulldown, just added the $sel variable

  Added pulldowns for default values and fixed several small
  field_map bugs

  The field_type value wasn't evaluated in the field map form. Fixed (TK 68)

  Fixed problem with long text fields (TK 67)

  Fixed problem displaying fields in proper order after adding a section or moving an element (TK 66)

  Added the ability to add non-standard fields such as wkd_hours to the create
  and edit screens.

  Corrected build_postgres.sql syntax error (extra comma)
  Corrected oracle insert problems with zentrack_group_detail (invalid field name)

  Fixed arrow images in admin field map form, which were broken when rootUrl
  is not /.

  Allow deadline to be a menu dropdown

  Standard fields don't respect ID in search page when used as menu fields  -Fixed

  FieldMap didn't show the current default value as "selected"  -Fixed

----- Maintenance Release -----

Added missing bugTo and bugFrom constants to configVars.php

Added ability to use label or id for standard fields in data group files
Added validation for standard ticket fields to data group file entries

Fixed problems with character set (formatting not right in various languages)

Email not right when creating contacts - Fixed

If a MOVE is required and the current owner doesn't have access to the destination Bin, the owner is set to NULL

Add admin settings to keep owners when moving a ticket, closing it and setting it to pending

Fixed translation errors

Added an option to delete data groups

Added missing -value_column- entry in behavior detail (only when using file groups)

Fixed problem with file based groups not showing more than one entry.

----- Bug Fix -----

Fixed "1(invalid)" [others similar] values in custom_menu fields.

----- 2.5 Major Release -----

Documentation (user's manual and admin manual)

Custom fields (user defined fields)

Contact lists

Field behaviors and groups (dynamically load choices to pulldown menus)

Paging feature (results show with next/last page links)

New 'Report Bug' link

----- 2.4.4 Maintenance Release ------

Addresses all current bugs and applies all current patches

Search priority issues

Error reporting improvements

Fixed date formatting on ticket add/edit pages

Fixed attachment issues

Translation updates

More internationalization

----- 2.4.3 Maintenance Release ------

Addressed all currently known issues and applied all current patches.

----- v2.4.2 Security Patch -----

Further auditing and tightening of the config params

Addition of login params to the security list

----- v2.4.2 Security Release -----

Correct security issue with overriding config params

Improved ticket sorting

Improved priority coloring

----- V2.4.1 (2003-05-08) ----

Update translation files

Optimize translation process

Email gateway enhancements

Priority coloring added

----- V2.4.0.1 (2003-04-21) -----

Fixed 2 errors in the 2.4 release.

Updates for help section.

----- V2.4 (2003-04-19) -----


Translation Engine: translate to any language with simple translation file(several languages included) 

Clean up Help subsystem, removed dead links and added link to forum on support page. 

Postgres Testing/Compatability complete (no longer beta) 

Added some simple utilities for creating tickets via email (to compliment email gateway system) 

Updated email logic to email appropriate users, even if not on notify list 


Revised issue with users moving tickets (header.php not found error) 

Updated "log" action in egate, and cleaned up a bit 

Cache the priority pulldown in admin screens for speed 
sped up systems screen for users with massive numbers of systems 

Work for sorting of bins: create and search menus 

Fixed URL and UNC paths displayed in tickets 

Add "Hours Worked" to printed/emailed tickets 

Added a support page. 
Removed extra shebang (causing stdout message) from included file 

Fixed problem with ticket reply addresses when using egate 
The reply address will now always point to egate if enabled 

Fixed problem with emails sent to egate with ``,'' in reply address 

Reinstated the auto-close for "note" types 

Enhanced Debugging Output

----- V2.3.2 (2003-03-26) ----

Fixed install and upgrade docs -- added notes and fixed typos

Fixed configVars.php white space -- causing problems for some users.

----- V2.3.1 (2003-03-19) ----

Enhanced egate system to always send a reply if possible 

Fixed email notifications which were not working

Removed some extraneous queries by passing the ticket array rather than the id

Fixed notify bug causing blank entries in notify list

Fixed error with assigning tickets to users who don't have access to bin ticket is in. (Tickets can now only be assigned to users with access to the ticket's current bin)

Fixed issue with tab counts: related always displaying 1, even if should be 0

Fixed problem with logs showing action as LOG, even if a different one is chosen.

Fixed log urls with caps and ? in them to format properly

Corrected date shown in search log results.

Correcting user names not showing correctly in generated reports

Filtered projects from the Assigned to ... list

Adding more template forms missing in cvs

Updated move form to only show valid choices

Fixed default_test_checked not working properly

Fixed error in help message for email gateway which said to enter users name, should be email address

Enhanced the subject parsing logic to try and deduce improperly formatted Subjects and get the right info out

----- V2.3 (2003-03-12) ---- 


Email Gateway Interface 

Notify Lists 

Editing tickets now controlled on a "per bin" access level based on the level_edit setting (instead of straight default access) 

Created new templating system for use with zenTrack 

Filtered projects from ticket listing 

Improved logoff functions 
Thanks to roland spahn (rosp) for feedback 

Enabled editing of projects for users without 
default_level >= 5 (if they have >= 5 for bin) 

Session enhancements: support for older versions of php, and hopefully 
will clear up problems for users experiencing multiple login requests 
because of session issues. 

Close ticket, username retention 

Added counts to ticket tabs 

Added mssqlserver build and seed files to install 
Thanks to Jim Martin for this contribution! 

Added some default settings for start_date and deadlines. 


Fixed problem with user lists not having correct permissions 

Fixes for popupcalendar feature 

Improved ticket creator viewing permissions 

Added new utility: checkEmail() 

Cleanup of comments and instructions 

Made date formats for report images 
more compatible with windows setups 

Fixed actionApplicable() typo 
Thanks to Jamin W. Collins (jamincollins) 

Fixed some email problems with reopen and reject 
Thanks to Claudio for his notes 

Fixed total hours issues 

Fixed sorting of systems by replacing $zen->systems with $zen->getSystems(1) 
Thanks to efeldhaus ( Erwin Feldhaus ) for reporting this anomaly, and 
suggestions on the improvement 

Fixed problem displaying bins with quotes in name 

Fixed problem with changing bins while viewing ticket 
(fatal error: zenTrack.class cannot be redefined)

----- v2.2.1 (2003-01-27) ------

Fixed assignment problems on project create

Cleaned up some form input and syntax warnings

Corrected some blank page issues for IIS users

----- v2.2.0 (2003-01-14) ------

php 4.2 compliant (register_globals fun)

Added usage reports, graphical and html

Fixed display issues between tickets and projects

Added 'sticky tabs' for projects and tickets

Fixed reject ticket bug

----- v2.1.0 (not released) ------

Minor bug fixes... some oracle problems corrected.

Added Postgres build/seed files.  Thanks to hide@address.com!

----- v2.0.3 Live (2002-06-03) ------

Created a zenTrack project with useful tickets to begin new users, and explain 
to them how to configure their system accordingly.

Fixed several link bugs associated with ticketView.php and attachmentView.php

Fixed -DEBUG OVERVIEW- in footer to include some highly valuable info
for troubleshooting support requests.

----- v2.0.2 Beta (2002-05-06) -----

Changed "password" to "passphrase" for Sybase compatibility.

Fixed $rootUrl issues with url_ticket_view and url_attachment_view

Fixed some issues with the "view all users" function in user admin

Fixed issue with the "first login" so that it will make users
change their passphrase from the default before they can continue

Comments added to configVars.php section to indicate
better use of Oracle/adodb methods

setenv() functions added for locale related issues, and for oracle

----- v2.0.1c beta (2002-05-01) ------

All upper case column names changed to lower case 
entries for oracle/adodb compatibility

Fixed bug in new project form concerning the start date.

----- v2.0.1 Beta (2002-04-27) ------
Oracle issue with uppercase column names (hopefully) overcome 
with use of the ADODB function "oci8po"

Fix for ONAMES and HOSTNAMES provided by Izzy (thanks Izzy!)
Oracle build files tested and repaired.  Several bugs with
reserved words and escape characters removed.

configVars.php and header.php files cleaned up, and better

Sybase bug with reserved word "role" fixed.

INSTALL.README, and install.html files updated

CHANGELOG implemented (and needed)

----- v2.0 Beta (2002-04-23) ------
Too many changes to list!
Added ADODB abstraction, making zenTrack fully 
Database Compatible.
Completely rewrote the zenTrack.class, much cleaner, 
  more efficient, faster

Added the zen.class for basic utilities
Added attachments
Rewrote the administrative tools, and completely 
  re-dedesigned the database structure to support
  a very dynamic base and adaptable design
Began code changes to create a complete level based
  debugging tool and for report generation (planned for
  version 2.1)
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