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  Welcome to zenTrack!

  The following document describes everything you need to know to get a basic
  ZT install up and running.  Please read it line by line!  If you encounter
  problems then try the HELP doc in this same directory.
    PHP >= 4.3.9 (PHP > 5.2 recommended)
    Supported Servers: Apache 2, IIS
    Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Server, CentOS, Any Linux 
       User Tested OS: FreeBSD, NT, MacOS, Debian, Gentoo
    Supported DBs: Mysql, Oracle 8i/9i, SQLServer
       User Tested DBs: DB2, Postgres
    - Make sure you turn off notices in your php.ini file: 
        error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
    - Insure that you have set session.save_path to a valid directory
    - Ensure that short_open_tag = On

     0. CVS Installs:
        - If you did not check this out from CVS (or don't know what that means)
          then skip this step!
        - You should have checked out a release tag and not the HEAD code.  If
          you don't know that that means, then download an install!
        - run ./setup_from_cvs (or setup_from_cvs.cmd)
          from the root directory

     1. Place files where you want them:
        - place www/ in the htdocs/wwwroot directory tree
        - place includes/ in a non-httpd directory (for maximum security)
     2. Configure the header file:
        - open www/header.php
        - look through this file carefully
        - you must configure $libDir, $rootWWW, and $rootUrl or nothing will work
        - you must set the database settings correctly

     3. Build the database:
        - create a database instance and a user with access to this DB
        - locate install/build_[yourdb].sql and run it in your SQL interface
          this will create your db tables
        - locate install/seed_[yourdb].sql and run it in your SQL interface
          this will populate your db
     4. Check permissions:
        - windows users can probably skip this step
        - chmod 777 includes/attachments (if using attachments)
        - chmod 777 includes/logs
        - chmod 777 includes/cache
        - chmod 777 includes/translations
        - for maximum security, you can chown/chgrp the files to the web process
          such as 'apache' and then chmod to 770 instead.
     5. Log in and configure:
        - log in as Administrator/Administrator and configure the system to taste.
        - a guest account exists as Guest/Guest, you may wish to delete/edit this account
        - a user account exists as User/User, you may wish to delete/edit this account

     6. If you intend to use the email gateway, please read the online docs
        which give a thorough overview of how to set this up:
        you must have some admin and smtp knowledge to do this (it is not trivial!)
        (you can find the docs through the home page:  http://www.zentrack.net)
     7. Speak Up!
        Let us know you are using zentrack, meet other users, 
        and send us feedback on your install: http://www.zentrack.net

     8. Consider a donation to the Open Source Community:
        The developers spend a lot of their lives developing this product.  If you like it,
        give something back to the open source community!  I would recommend starting here:


    Check the HELP file in this directory for more info about common errors
    and for obtaining support.

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