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//                     English language
//                           for
//                     YW Guestbook
//                 translated by Aaron

$lang = array(
  "errorOccured"      => "An error occured:",
  "missingParameter"  => "The following parameter is missing : ",
  "queryError"        => "The following MySQL-query produced an error :<br />",
  "noSkinDir"         => "The directory skins doesn't exist !",
  "install"           => "Installation",
  "alreadyInstalled"  => "The YW Guestbook is already installed !",
  "welcome"           => "Thank you for choosing the YW Guestbook !",
  "required"          => "The following informations are required for the installation:",
  "mysqlSetup"        => "Your MySQL-setup",
  "hostname"          => "Hostname",
  "hostnameInfo"      => "The hostname of your MySQL-server. Normally this should be localhost.",
  "noHostname"        => "You must enter the hostname of your MySQL-server !",
  "username"          => "Username",
  "usernameInfo"      => "An existing username for the script to login onto your MySQL-server.",
  "noUsername"        => "You must enter a username for the MySQL-server !",
  "password"          => "Password",
  "passwordInfo"      => "The password on the MySQL-server for the username.",
  "database"          => "Databasename",
  "databaseInfo"      => "The name of an existing database on the server that will be used to store the guestbook datas.",
  "noDatabase"        => "You must enter the name of your database on the MySQL-server !",
  "adminSetup"        => "Your accessdata for the guestbook",
  "email"             => "Email-address",
  "emailInfo"         => "If you enter your Email-address, you can let send back the password to your account, if you've forgotten it.",
  "adminPass"         => "Password",
  "adminPassInfo"     => "Your desired password for the administration-area of the guestbook.",
  "noPassword"        => "You must enter a password for the administration-area of the guestbook !",
  "adminPass2"        => "Password (repeat)",
  "adminPass2Info"    => "Repeat the password here to avoid inputerrors.",
  "wrongPassword"     => "The passwords for the administration-area are not identical !",
  "wrongEmail"        => "The Email-address is invalid !",
  "noDB"              => "No access to MySQL-server ! Check your inputs.",
  "noDBAccess"        => "No access to database you have entered !",
  "noFile"            => "Couldn't create the file ht_lock.php !<p></p>Please do the following:<p></p> Create a new textfile on your computer and insert this line: <p></p>",
  "success"           => "was installed successfully !",
  "click"             => "go to administration",
  "countrySetup"      => "Country-support",
  "europe"            => "Install countries from Europe",
  "north"             => "Install countries from North America",
  "south"             => "Install countries from South America",
  "asia"              => "Install countries from Asia",
  "africa"            => "Install countries from Africa",
  "oceania"           => "Install countries from Australia / Oceania",
  "dependency"        => "Install territories and dependencies",
  "startInstall"      => "Start installation",
  // Version 1.1
  "prefix"           => "Table Prefix",
  "prefixInfo"       => "A prefix for all tables created by the script to prevent that existing tables will be overwritten.",
  "noPrefix"         => "You must enter a table praefix !",
  // Version 1.11
  "noFile2"          => "<p></p>Save it as 'ht_lock.php' and upload this file in your guestbook-directory. Afterwards the installation is complete !"
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