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                           YW Guestbook
                      Frequently Asked Questions
   1) How can I change color / background / font X in Skin Y ?

   2) When I try the sign the guestbook a second time I always
      get an error message. What´s wrong ?

   3) I´ve edited the index.php to set the inclusion constants, 
      but I always get a parse error now. Have I done something 
      wrong ?

   4) Why are the search function and the private entry login not
      working after an inclusion ?   

   5) Why is my guestbook so slow ?

   6) If I try to include the script it doesn´t work. Why ?

   7) I´ve modified the Skin, but now the guestbook doesn´t appear 
      any more. What can I do ?

   8) What do I have to translate, so that the guestbook is 
      completely translated into my language ?

   9) Why doesn´t the uploaded pictures appear ?

  10) How do I have to set the permissions ?

  11) I can login into the administration but why I always get
      logged out when I click on a link ? 

  12) I don´t really know what to enter in the installation page. 
      Can you help me ?

  13) Is there a way to to import the entries from my old 
      guestbook ?

  14) Why I haven't yet received any Emails though I have enabled
      the notification mails ?

  15) How can I avoid the unnecessary horizontal scrollbars at 
      the bottom ?

  16) You say that Skin X is XHTML conform, but why aren't the 
      files accepted by the validator ?

  17) I get one of the following error messages:

      a) Warning: session_start():...

      b) Warning: move_uploaded_file...

      c) Internal Server Error

      d) Missing file: lang/langindex.inc

      e) Fatal Error: maximum execution time exceeded...

      f) Page cannot be displayed

      g) Parse Error on line...

  18) Do you take donations ?


   1) That depends on the Skin you want to modify. Since Version 
      1.21 all new Skins come along with a file called 'style.inc', 
      which allows an easy management of the guestbook 
      representation. You can edit this file in the 'Setup' menu in 
      the administration. In earlier Versions you must search in 
      the Skin directory if this file is avaible and if not things 
      get a little more complicated:

      Many CSS assignments are located in the file skin.css, others 
      can be in some of the following files 

      - if you use the Framemode:

      - if you use the Non-Framemode:

      Especially if you want to change the background, you should 
      search for an CSS assigment to the BODY-Tag in the files 
      noFrames.php, contentFrame.php, menuFrame.php and 

   2) Nothing, this is just the spam protection. The default time 
      is set to 5 minutes, you can deactivate the spam protection 
      by setting it to 0 minutes.

   3) Some editors (Dreamweaver for instance) modify the code 
      without asking you, use another editor if you receive an
      Parse Error after uploading the modified script.

   4) You´ve entered a wrong 'URL to guestbook', don´t enter the
      URL to the index.php of your guestbook, enter the URL that
      opens (!) your guestbook (= URL to your MAINSCRIPT with 
      parameters if required).

   5) If you must wait more than 5 seconds until the guestbook
      appears, you probably have a problem with the hostname
      resolving on your server. You can deactivate the hostname
      resolving by changing this line
        define ( "HOSTNAMERESOLVING" , "1" );

      on the top of index.php, admin.php and screen.php to

        define ( "HOSTNAMERESOLVING" , "0" );

      The guestbook runs faster if you deactivate these 

        Badword filter
        Link activation
        Empty lines limiter
   6) Probably you´ve forgotten to change the constants at the top 
      of index.php. Read 3) in readme.txt.

      Please note:

      Don't enter a path in MAINSCRIPT, you just have to enter the 
      filename of the (top-level) script that includes index.php !

      SCRIPTPATH is not the absolute path to the index.php of the 
      guestbook, it is the relative path from the script you´ve 
      entered as MAINSCRIPT to the index.php ! 

      Use a path to include the index.php and no URL !

   7) This happens, if the PHP-Interpreter finds an error in a 
      Skinfile. Usually this is because of an invalid function call.

      Do the following: 
      Check in the skinfiles you´ve modified last, if all of the 
      Skin commands have the right syntax:


      Very often you only have forgotten the ) or ?< at the end of 
      the command or the commandname is wrong.

      Another usual mistake is the use of an unescaped quote within 
      a string. Check all parameters of the Skin commands, if there 
      is a the same quote within a string that is used to enclose 
      the string. To avoid this error, replace the quote with the 
      other quote ' instead of ", or " instead of ', or add a 
      leading backslash (\) to the quote.

   8) In any case you´ve to translate the files langindex.inc and 
      langcountry.inc in the lang folder of your guestbook. To make 
      the translation complete you should furthermore translate the 
      Skin you want to use: if there is a file called lang.inc in 
      the Skin directory, you only have to translate this file 
      (since Version 1.21 you can use the internal editor to do 
      this). If not you must search for text to translate in all of 
      the files in the Skin directory. Of course you will also have 
      to replace some of images that are used by the Skin to display 

   9) Usually because of wrong permissions for the upload and the 
      upload/preview directory. Use chmod or your FTP client to 
      set the permission of both directories to 777.

  10) You can use the chmod command or your FTP client to change 
      the permission of files and directories, please read the 
      manpage of chmod or the documentation of you client to find 
      out how to do this.

      Here is an example for right permissions:

      Guestbook        dir 777
      index.php            755 
      admin.php            755 
      install.php          755 
      functions.php        755 
      screen.php           755 
      ht_lock.php          777 
      ht_badwords.php      777 
      admin.css            755 
      lang             dir 755 
      langadmin.php        755 
      langindex.php        755 
      langinstall.php      755 
      langcountry.php      755 
      skins            dir 755 
      flags            dir 755 
      upload           dir 777 
      upload/preview   dir 777 

      lang.inc and style.inc in your skin directory must also have 
      777, if you want to edit the files in the administration !

      Use 755 instead of 777 for your guestbook directory if you get 
      an Internal Server Error (500) !

  11) The YW Guestbook uses sessions to keep track of users that 
      are logged in. These sessions use a combination of a unique 
      session id and the users IP to identify each user. The script
      make use of the IP as an extra safe-guard to help prevent 
      sessions being hijacked.

      Unfortunately this only works when the users IP is constant as 
      they browse the administration. For most users this will be the 
      case. However certain providers route their users via a cluster 
      of proxys. In some cases, particularly AOL this results in 
      different IPs being forwarded as the user moves between pages. 
      The script takes account of this by not checking the entire IP 
      but only the first three bytes. Again in most cases this will 
      be fine. However again AOL uses IPs which can vary so much that 
      checking only the first two bytes results in a fairly static IP 
      being available for session validation.

      If you are experiencing problems related to this you should open
      admin.php and change the value of the IPBYTES constant on top of 
      the file from 3 to 2. Please note that reducing the IP 
      validation length does potentially increase the risk of sessions 
      being hijacked. 

  12) No, ask your Internet Service Provider what you have to enter.

  13) Sure, but I can´t write you a custumized script for that. 
      Write your own, or just enter the old entries into your 
     YW Guestbook. Maybe there will be a import tool in future, 
      but till then you're on your own.

  14) The YW Guestbook can send email two ways: 
        + using the PHP mail() function 
        + or directly via SMTP. 

      Some hosting providers limit the mail() function to prevent its 
      use in spamming, others may rename it or limit its 
      functionality. In either case you may need to make use of SMTP. 
      This requires that you have access to such a facility, e.g. 
      your hosting provider may provide one. 
      Before you try to use SMTP you should open the file 
      mail_sendmail.php with a text editor and change the line

        define ( "CMDLINEPARAMETER" , "-f".RETURNPATH ); 


        define ( "CMDLINEPARAMETER" , "" );

      If that doesn't help you can try to use

        define ( "HEADERSEPERATOR" , "\r\n" );

      instead of
        define ( "HEADERSEPERATOR" , "\n" );

      Still no luck ? Then let's activate the SMTP support: set the 
      USESMTP constant on top of the file functions.php to 1. You can 
      enter your authentication datas and other SMTP settings in the 
      file mail_smtp.php which is located in the libs directory of 
      your guestbook. Please note that currently only the simple AUTH 
      method can be used for SMTP authorisation !

  15) This is an annoying behaviour of XHTML document rendering in 
      the Internet Explorer, to avoid the scrollbars you must delete
      the XHTML doctype declaration in your Skinfiles. If there is 
      USESCROLLBARCOLOR constant defined in the style.inc file, it´s
      sufficient if you set this value to 1. If not you must search 
      and delete 
        <!DOCTYPE html
        PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN\"

      in the files noFrames.php, contentFrame.php, menuFrame.php and

  16) The conformity is only given if you haven´t enabled certain 
      guestbook functions in the administration. All functions that 
      can lead to invalid XHTML have a warning in the description. 
      But even if you have all of these functions disabled, the 
      validation will not be successful since no XML declaration and 
      encoding attribute is used in the skinfiles. You can either 
      add these to the documents or use the Character Encoding 
      Override function (with iso-8859-1) of the W3C Validator to 
      receive valid documents.

      Don't try to validate the demos on the YW Guestbook
      website, they've colored scrollbars enabled and theirfore 
      doesn´t use a XHTML declaration !


   a) The reason for this error is a misconfigured php.ini 
      (typically on Windows machines). Open the file (located in 
      your Windows directory) with an editor and search for a line 
      starting with

      Enter a path to a temporary directory (e.g. c:\tmp), save the 
      file and check if the directory really exists.

   b) The directories upload and upload/preview have the wrong 
      permissions (see questions about missing pictures and right 
      permissions above).

   c) Could be a permission problem (see question about right 

   d) If you have includeded the guestbook you must change the 
      constants on the top of index.php. Read readme.txt for more 

   e) This was a Safemode bug in earlier versions upgrade to the 
      latest version 

   f) Deactivate the hostname resolving (see question 5)

   g) Your script has been modified by program that you've used
      (download manager/editor/ftp client) try use other programs.

  18) No, please keep your money for something more important !

                    (c) 2005 by YahooWebs

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