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 * @author Chris Pollett hide@address.com
 * @package seek_quarry
 * @subpackage library
 * @license http://www.gnu.org/licenses/ GPL3
 * @link http://www.seekquarry.com/
 * @copyright 2009, 2010, 2011
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if(!defined('BASE_DIR')) {echo "BAD REQUEST"; exit();}

 * A Notifier is an object which will be notified by a priority queue
 * when the index in the queue viewed as array of some data item has been 
 * changed.
 * A Notifier is notified when the index in the queue viewed as array of some 
 * data item has been changed, this gives the Notifier object the ability to 
 * update its value of the index for that data item. As an example, in the 
 * search engine, the WebQueueBundle class implements Notifier. Web queue 
 * bundles store url together with their weights and allow one to get out the 
 * url of highest weight. This is implemented by storing in a PriorityQueue 
 * keys consisting of hashes of urls (as fixed length) and values consisting of 
 * the weight. Then in a web archive the url and its index in the priority 
 * queue is stored. When the index in the queue changes, the WebQueueBundle's
 * notify method is called to adjust the index that is stored in the web 
 * archive.
 * @author Chris Pollett
 * @package seek_quarry
 * @subpackage library
 * @see WebQueueBundle
interface Notifier
     * Handles the update of the index of a data item in a queue with respect 
     * to the Notifier object.
     *  @param int $index  the index of a row in a heap-based priority queue
     *  @param mixed $data  the data that is stored at that index
    function notify($index, $data);
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