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// $Id: main.php,v 1.9 2004/12/26 19:12:13 onokazu Exp $
//%%%%%%	File Name pollresults.php 	%%%%%
define("_PL_TOTALVOTES","Total Votes: %s");
define("_PL_TOTALVOTERS","Total Voters: %s");

//%%%%%%	File Name index.php 	%%%%%
define("_PL_POLLSLIST","Polls List");
define("_PL_ALREADYVOTED", "Sorry, you have already voted once.");
define("_PL_THANKSFORVOTE","Thanks for your vote!");
define("_PL_SORRYEXPIRED", "Sorry, but the poll has expired.");
define("_PL_YOURPOLLAT", "%s, your poll at %s"); // 1st %s is user name, 2nd %s is site name
define("_PL_PREV", "Previous");
define("_PL_NEXT", "Next");
define("_PL_POLLQUESTION", "Poll Question");
define("_PL_VOTERS", "Total voters");
define("_PL_VOTES", "Total votes");
define("_PL_EXPIRATION", "Expiration");
define("_PL_EXPIRED", "Expired");

//%%%%%%	File Name xoopspollrenderer.php 	%%%%%
// %s represents date
define("_PL_ENDSAT","Ends at %s");
define("_PL_ENDEDAT","Ended at %s");

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