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// $Id: admin.php,v 1.4 2004/12/26 19:12:10 onokazu Exp $
//%%%%%%        Admin Module Name  Headlines         %%%%%
define('_AM_DBUPDATED','Database Updated Successfully!');
define('_AM_HEADLINES','Headlines Configuration');
define('_AM_HLMAIN','Headline Main');
define('_AM_SITENAME','Site Name');
define('_AM_ORDER', 'Order');
define('_AM_ENCODING', 'RSS Encoding');
define('_AM_CACHETIME', 'Cache Time');
define('_AM_MAINSETT', 'Main Page Settings');
define('_AM_BLOCKSETT', 'Block Settings');
define('_AM_DISPLAY', 'Display in main page');
define('_AM_DISPIMG', 'Display image');
define('_AM_DISPFULL', 'Display in full view');
define('_AM_DISPMAX', 'Max items to display');
define('_AM_ASBLOCK', 'Display in block');
define('_AM_ADDHEADL','Add Headline');
define('_AM_URLEDFXML','URL of RDF/RSS file');
define('_AM_EDITHEADL','Edit Headline');
define('_AM_WANTDEL','Are you sure you want to delete headline for %s?');
define('_AM_INVALIDID', 'Invalid ID');
define('_AM_OBJECTNG', 'Object does not exist');
define('_AM_FAILUPDATE', 'Failed saving data to database for headline %s');
define('_AM_FAILDELETE', 'Failed deleting data from database for headline %s');
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