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// $Id: preferences.php,v 1.16 2003/03/29 15:49:35 w4z004 Exp $
//%%%%%%	Admin Module Name  AdminGroup 	%%%%%
// dont change

define("_MD_AM_SITEPREF","Site Preferences");
define("_MD_AM_SITENAME","Site name");
define("_MD_AM_SLOGAN","Slogan for your site");
define("_MD_AM_ADMINML","Admin mail address");
define("_MD_AM_LANGUAGE","Default language");
define("_MD_AM_STARTPAGE","Module for your start page");
define("_MD_AM_SERVERTZ","Server timezone");
define("_MD_AM_DEFAULTTZ","Default timezone");
define("_MD_AM_DTHEME","Default theme");
define("_MD_AM_THEMESET","Theme Set");
define("_MD_AM_ANONNAME","Username for anonymous users");
define("_MD_AM_MINPASS","Minimum length of password required");
define("_MD_AM_NEWUNOTIFY","Notify by mail when a new user is registered?");
define("_MD_AM_SELFDELETE","Allow users to delete own account?");
define("_MD_AM_LOADINGIMG","Display loading... image?");
define("_MD_AM_USEGZIP","Use gzip compression?");
define("_MD_AM_UNAMELVL","Select the level of strictness for username filtering");
define("_MD_AM_STRICT","Strict (only alphabets and numbers)");
define("_MD_AM_LIGHT","Light (recommended for multi-byte chars)");
define("_MD_AM_USERCOOKIE","Name for user cookies.");
define("_MD_AM_USERCOOKIEDSC","This cookie contains only a user name and is saved in a user pc for a year (if the user wishes). If a user have this cookie, username will be automatically inserted in the login box.");
define("_MD_AM_USEMYSESS","Use custom session");
define("_MD_AM_USEMYSESSDSC","Select yes to customise session related values.");
define("_MD_AM_SESSNAME","Session name");
define("_MD_AM_SESSNAMEDSC","The name of session (Valid only when 'use custom session' is enabled)");
define("_MD_AM_SESSEXPIRE","Session expiration");
define("_MD_AM_SESSEXPIREDSC","Maximum duration of session idle time in minutes (Valid only when 'use custom session' is enabled. Works only when you are using PHP4.2.0 or later.)");
define("_MD_AM_BANNERS","Activate banner ads?");
define("_MD_AM_MYIP","Your IP address");
define("_MD_AM_MYIPDSC","This IP will not counted as impression for banners");
define("_MD_AM_ALWDHTML","HTML tags allowed in all posts.");
define("_MD_AM_INVLDMINPASS","Invalid value for minimum length of password.");
define("_MD_AM_INVLDUCOOK","Invalid value for usercookie name.");
define("_MD_AM_INVLDSCOOK","Invalid value for sessioncookie name.");
define("_MD_AM_INVLDSEXP","Invalid value for session expiration time.");
define("_MD_AM_ADMNOTSET","Admin mail is not set.");
define("_MD_AM_DONTCHNG","Don't change!");
define("_MD_AM_REMEMBER","Remember to chmod 666 this file in order to let the system write to it properly.");
define("_MD_AM_IFUCANT","If you can't change the permissions you can edit the rest of this file by hand.");

define("_MD_AM_COMMODE","Default Comment Display Mode");
define("_MD_AM_COMORDER","Default Comments Display Order");
define("_MD_AM_ALLOWHTML","Allow HTML tags in user comments?");
define("_MD_AM_DEBUGMODE","Debug mode");
define("_MD_AM_DEBUGMODEDSC","Several debug options. A running website should have this turned off.");
define("_MD_AM_AVATARALLOW","Allow custom avatar upload?");
define('_MD_AM_AVATARMP','Minimum posts required');
define('_MD_AM_AVATARMPDSC','Enter the minimum number of posts required to upload a custom avatar');
define("_MD_AM_AVATARW","Avatar image max width (pixel)");
define("_MD_AM_AVATARH","Avatar image max height (pixel)");
define("_MD_AM_AVATARMAX","Avatar image max filesize (byte)");
define("_MD_AM_AVATARCONF","Custom avatar settings");
define("_MD_AM_CHNGUTHEME","Change all users' theme");
define("_MD_AM_NOTIFYTO","Select group to which new user notification mail will be sent");
define("_MD_AM_ALLOWTHEME","Allow users to select theme?");
define("_MD_AM_ALLOWIMAGE","Allow users to display image files in posts?");

define("_MD_AM_USERACTV","Requires activation by user (recommended)");
define("_MD_AM_AUTOACTV","Activate automatically");
define("_MD_AM_ADMINACTV","Activation by administrators");
define("_MD_AM_ACTVTYPE","Select activation type of newly registered users");
define("_MD_AM_ACTVGROUP","Select group to which activation mail will be sent");
define("_MD_AM_ACTVGROUPDSC","Valid only when 'Activation by administrators' is selected");
define('_MD_AM_USESSL', 'Use SSL for login?');
define('_MD_AM_SSLPOST', 'SSL Post variable name');
define('_MD_AM_SSLPOSTDSC', 'The name of variable used to transfer session value via POST. If you are unsure, set any name that is hard to guess.');
define('_MD_AM_DEBUGMODE1','PHP Debug');
define('_MD_AM_DEBUGMODE2','MySQL/Blocks Debug');
define('_MD_AM_DEBUGMODE3','Smarty Templates Debug');
define('_MD_AM_MINUNAME', 'Minimum length of username required');
define('_MD_AM_MAXUNAME', 'Maximum length of username');
define('_MD_AM_GENERAL', 'General Settings');
define('_MD_AM_USERSETTINGS', 'User Info Settings');
define('_MD_AM_ALLWCHGMAIL', 'Allow users to change email address?');
define('_MD_AM_ALLWCHGMAILDSC', '');
define('_MD_AM_IPBAN', 'IP Banning');
define('_MD_AM_BADEMAILS', 'Enter emails that should not be used in user profile');
define('_MD_AM_BADEMAILSDSC', 'Separate each with a <b>|</b>, case insensitive, regex enabled.');
define('_MD_AM_BADUNAMES', 'Enter names that should not be selected as username');
define('_MD_AM_BADUNAMESDSC', 'Separate each with a <b>|</b>, case insensitive, regex enabled.');
define('_MD_AM_DOBADIPS', 'Enable IP bans?');
define('_MD_AM_DOBADIPSDSC', 'Users from specified IP addresses will not be able to view your site');
define('_MD_AM_BADIPS', 'Enter IP addresses that should be banned from the site.<br />Separate each with a <b>|</b>, case insensitive, regex enabled.');
define('_MD_AM_BADIPSDSC', '^aaa.bbb.ccc will disallow visitors with an IP that starts with aaa.bbb.ccc<br />aaa.bbb.ccc$ will disallow visitors with an IP that ends with aaa.bbb.ccc<br />aaa.bbb.ccc will disallow visitors with an IP that contains aaa.bbb.ccc');
define('_MD_AM_PREFMAIN', 'Preferences Main');
define('_MD_AM_METAKEY', 'Meta Keywords');
define('_MD_AM_METAKEYDSC', 'The keywords meta tag is a series of keywords that represents the content of your site. Type in keywords with each separated by a comma or a space in between. (Ex. XOOPS, PHP, mySQL, portal system)');
define('_MD_AM_METARATING', 'Meta Rating');
define('_MD_AM_METARATINGDSC', 'The rating meta tag defines your site age and content rating');
define('_MD_AM_METAOGEN', 'General');
define('_MD_AM_METAO14YRS', '14 years');
define('_MD_AM_METAOREST', 'Restricted');
define('_MD_AM_METAOMAT', 'Mature');
define('_MD_AM_METAROBOTS', 'Meta Robots');
define('_MD_AM_METAROBOTSDSC', 'The Robots Tag declares to search engines what content to index and spider');
define('_MD_AM_INDEXFOLLOW', 'Index, Follow');
define('_MD_AM_NOINDEXFOLLOW', 'No Index, Follow');
define('_MD_AM_INDEXNOFOLLOW', 'Index, No Follow');
define('_MD_AM_NOINDEXNOFOLLOW', 'No Index, No Follow');
define('_MD_AM_METAAUTHOR', 'Meta Author');
define('_MD_AM_METAAUTHORDSC', 'The author meta tag defines the name of the author of the document being read. Supported data formats include the name, email address of the webmaster, company name or URL.');
define('_MD_AM_METACOPYR', 'Meta Copyright');
define('_MD_AM_METACOPYRDSC', 'The copyright meta tag defines any copyright statements you wish to disclose about your web page documents.');
define('_MD_AM_METADESC', 'Meta Description');
define('_MD_AM_METADESCDSC', 'The description meta tag is a general description of what is contained in your web page');
define('_MD_AM_METAFOOTER', 'Meta Tags and Footer');
define('_MD_AM_FOOTER', 'Footer');
define('_MD_AM_FOOTERDSC', 'Be sure to type links in full path starting from http://, otherwise the links will not work correctly in modules pages.');
define('_MD_AM_CENSOR', 'Word Censoring Options');
define('_MD_AM_DOCENSOR', 'Enable censoring of unwanted words?');
define('_MD_AM_DOCENSORDSC', 'Words will be censored if this option is enabled. This option may be turned off for enhanced site speed.');
define('_MD_AM_CENSORWRD', 'Words to censor');
define('_MD_AM_CENSORWRDDSC', 'Enter words that should be censored in user posts.<br />Separate each with a <b>|</b>, case insensitive.');
define('_MD_AM_CENSORRPLC', 'Bad words will be replaced with:');
define('_MD_AM_CENSORRPLCDSC', 'Censored words will be replaced with the characters entered in this textbox');

define('_MD_AM_SEARCH', 'Search Options');
define('_MD_AM_DOSEARCH', 'Enable global searches?');
define('_MD_AM_DOSEARCHDSC', 'Allow searching for posts/items within your site.');
define('_MD_AM_MINSEARCH', 'Minimum keyword length');
define('_MD_AM_MINSEARCHDSC', 'Enter the minimum keyword length that users are required to enter to perform search');
define('_MD_AM_MODCONFIG', 'Module Config Options');
define('_MD_AM_DSPDSCLMR', 'Display disclaimer?');
define('_MD_AM_DSPDSCLMRDSC', 'Select yes to display disclaimer in registration page');
define('_MD_AM_REGDSCLMR', 'Registration disclaimer');
define('_MD_AM_REGDSCLMRDSC', 'Enter text to be displayed as registration disclaimer');
define('_MD_AM_ALLOWREG', 'Allow new user registration?');
define('_MD_AM_ALLOWREGDSC', 'Select yes to accept new user registration');
define('_MD_AM_THEMEFILE', 'Update module template .html files from themes/your theme/templates directory?');
define('_MD_AM_THEMEFILEDSC', 'If this option is enabled, module template .html files will be updated automatically if there are newer files under the themes/your theme/templates directory for the current theme. This should be turned off once the site goes public.');
define('_MD_AM_CLOSESITE', 'Turn your site off?');
define('_MD_AM_CLOSESITEDSC', 'Select yes to turn your site off so that only users in selected groups have access to the site. ');
define('_MD_AM_CLOSESITEOK', 'Select groups that are allowed to access while the site is turned off.');
define('_MD_AM_CLOSESITEOKDSC', 'Users in the default webmasters group are always granted access.');
define('_MD_AM_CLOSESITETXT', 'Reason for turning off the site');
define('_MD_AM_CLOSESITETXTDSC', 'The text that is presented when the site is closed.');
define('_MD_AM_SITECACHE', 'Site-wide Cache');
define('_MD_AM_SITECACHEDSC', 'Caches whole contents of the site for a specified amount of time to enhance performance. Setting site-wide cache will override module-level cache, block-level cache, and module item level cache if any.');
define('_MD_AM_MODCACHE', 'Module-wide Cache');
define('_MD_AM_MODCACHEDSC', 'Caches module contents for a specified amount of time to enhance performance. Setting module-wide cache will override module item level cache if any.');
define('_MD_AM_NOMODULE', 'There is no module that can be cached.');
define('_MD_AM_DTPLSET', 'Default template set');
define('_MD_AM_SSLLINK', 'URL where SSL login page is located');

// added for mailer
define("_MD_AM_MAILER","Mail Setup");
define("_MD_AM_MAILFROM","FROM address");
define("_MD_AM_MAILFROMNAME","FROM name");
define("_MD_AM_MAILFROMUID","FROM user");
define("_MD_AM_MAILFROMUIDDESC","When the system sends a private message, which user should appear to have sent it?");
define("_MD_AM_MAILERMETHOD","Mail delivery method");
define("_MD_AM_MAILERMETHODDESC","Method used to deliver mail. Default is \"mail\", use others only if that makes trouble.");
define("_MD_AM_SMTPHOST","SMTP host(s)");
define("_MD_AM_SMTPHOSTDESC","List of SMTP servers to try to connect to.");
define("_MD_AM_SMTPUSER","SMTPAuth username");
define("_MD_AM_SMTPUSERDESC","Username to connect to an SMTP host with SMTPAuth.");
define("_MD_AM_SMTPPASS","SMTPAuth password");
define("_MD_AM_SMTPPASSDESC","Password to connect to an SMTP host with SMTPAuth.");
define("_MD_AM_SENDMAILPATH","Path to sendmail");
define("_MD_AM_SENDMAILPATHDESC","Path to the sendmail program (or substitute) on the webserver.");
define("_MD_AM_THEMEOK","Selectable themes");
define("_MD_AM_THEMEOKDSC","Choose themes that users can select as the default theme");
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