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// $Id: misc.php,v 1.6 2003/02/12 11:36:33 okazu Exp $
define("_MSC_YOURNAMEC","Your Name: ");
define("_MSC_YOUREMAILC","Your Email: ");
define("_MSC_FRIENDNAMEC","Friend Name: ");
define("_MSC_FRIENDEMAILC","Friend Email: ");
define("_MSC_RECOMMENDSITE","Recommend this Site to a Friend");
// %s is your site name
define("_MSC_INTSITE","Interesting Site: %s");
define("_MSC_REFERENCESENT","The reference to our site has been sent to your friend. Thanks!");
define("_MSC_ENTERYNAME","Please enter your name");
define("_MSC_ENTERFNAME","Please enter your friend's name");
define("_MSC_ENTERFMAIL","Please enter your friend's email address");
define("_MSC_NEEDINFO","You need to enter required info!");
define("_MSC_INVALIDEMAIL1","The email address you provided is not a valid address.");
define("_MSC_INVALIDEMAIL2","Please check the address and try again.");

define("_MSC_AVAVATARS","Available Avatars");

define("_MSC_CLICKASMILIE","Click a smilie to insert it into your message.");
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