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  The phpShop software receives contributions from far and wide.  Here's
  the phpShop Hall of Fame:

    o Pablo Martinez developed the original idea of phpShop.  He is also
      resonsible for developing the overall architecture of phpShop and
      just about everything you see in the administration area.

    o Matt Oberpriller developed the Intershipper module.  Kudos to Matt
      for his excellent implementation of a shipping solution.

    o Jorge Pasarell developed the ever so difficult product administration
      screens.  Hats off to Jorge for his coding contributions.  He also had
      to put up with Pablo's daily "What if...".  

    o Thanks to Jon Allmett for Wednesday nights at CJ's.  He can jam....
      Check him and his band out at http://www.garrisonfield.com.

    o Gregory Day developed the ordering process classes and is also responsible
      for bringing many security related suggestions to the table.  

    o Kristian Kohntopp and the PHPLIB team for their invaluable code and 
      support.  It was not until we saw the way they use classes that things 
      started making sense with PHP.  

    o All the other phpShoppers that have stuck with us during these early days.  
      Thanks for the constant feedback and attention to detail.  It makes
      our work worth it.

    o Of course the list of credits would be quite incomplete without

                  Stig Sæther Bakken
                  Alexander Aulbach
                  Egon Schmid
                  Jim Winstead
                  Lars Torben Wilson
                  Rasmus Lerdorf
                  Zeev Suraski

10/07/2002 xShop ~mds
xShop is the brainchild of Aric Caley and Mitchell Sheean. It stands for 
eXtended phpShop.
Based on the concepts of phpShop created by those above, Caley and Sheean 
are taking it to the next level. The concepts of phpshop are good, however
the code is hard to work with since the html is mixed with php. fSince 
both Caley and Sheean are savvy to the power of using phplib templates 
they decided to convert the software to that format. Once in template format, 
development can occur much more rapidly than with the existing code. 

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