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Release 0.4 of xShop

11/5/2002 6:35:03 PM
  Templatized the flypage, and ps_product_attribute->list_attribute()

11/5/2002 4:35:16 PM
  Added file based caching option.

11/4/2002 6:28:41 PM
  Started implementing generic caching system based on phpslash block caching.  Will enable multiple cache entries per block, and caching of other things like product pages etc.

11/4/2002 11:25:31 AM
  Added simple search engine friendly system.

10/25/2002 11:58:46 AM
  Fixed a bug in the ps_html->checkbox function that didnt set the value right.
  Finished the template stuff (some blocks) in browse.ihtml so now sale items actualy show up again.
  Browse_subcat.ihtml is mostly redundant -- all it does now is set a default sub category and include browse.ihtml
  Fixed a bug in ps_html->select_multiple that sometimes selected wrong options.
  Added the cart block and adapted the rss block from phpslash.  blocks.php is but a shell now.

10/24/2002 6:35:27 PM
  Converted over most of the hard coded blocks into block_render_* classes.  All should be working now.

10/22/2002 10:18:07 PM
  Added most of whats needed to get a full block system.  Borrowed most code from phpslash block engine.

10/20/2002 5:59:07 PM
  More work on setup script.  It now checks the database exists and if so loads the xshop.sql.
  Its not real pretty, but it works.
  Updated the install.txt to include the setup script.  Will want to completely rewrite this doc soon to make it pretty.

10/18/2002 6:26:33 PM
  Started moving around files to make install easier.  Moved everything in /bin/ to /, moved /modules/templates and bin/images into /templates/bluebar.

  Created simple install script.

10/18/2002 11:16:10 AM
  fixed bug in templates/s_header.* that messed up images and the style sheet if xshop was installed in a subdirectory.

  Added thankyou.php and verify.php for payflow link processing.

  - Streamlined checkout process.
  - Product options.
  - More templatey goodness

  - First mostly working release! :)
  - Multiple categories per product
  - Many files converted to templates.  Many more to go.
  - Featured items can be placed on home page, or any category page.
  - Images in categories.
  - Three level navigation:  Tabs (categories), sidebar (sub categories) and body (sub sub categories).
  - Mini cart block, popular items block, related items block.
  - XStats module for site statistics.

old PHPShop log:

October  31, 2000 (0.6.2)
- More International Shippers have been added.
- Added an Inventory view to the products.
- The number of products purchased is now decremented from the number in stock.
- Allowed zero weight items to be excluded from shipping
  o zero weight items are not included in shipping of mixed weight carts
  o zero weight items can be excluded from taxation as well.
  o New variable in phpshop.cfg, IS_TAX_VIRTUAL, turns the taxing 
    of zero weight items on or off.
- Made the country print on screen during checkout
- Changed the flypage.ihtml to show the full product image 
  instead of the thumbnail.
- Added the thumbnail to browse.ihtml Width is constrained to 80 pixels.
- Added the price to browse.ihtml
- Made the Featured items link to the Parent Product if it is a child.
- Changes State to State/Region
- Linked the full image on the flypage to product_url

September 13, 2000 (0.6.1)
- Fixed bugs reported causing problems in previous release.  Main changes were:
      o blank line at end of files removed
      o class names all lowercase (php3 catches case issues, but not php4)
      o fixed problems where classes were being referenced without having
        loaded them first.
- Fixed single quote in session data problem by \ escaping any single quotes
  before saving session data.  Only applies to the php3 session class.
- Fixed search form so that you stay in secure mode during search.
- Added order filter menu to show orders based on status type.
- Added order navigation links to be able to step through orders sequentially.
- Fixed registration page so that if registration is unsuccessful it returns to 
  the registration page again.

September 5, 2000 (0.6.0)
- Added Order Status option in Order module.  Allows administrators to 
  create order statuses.
- Added Intershipper module to phpShop.  This module is enabled by setting the 
  IS_ENABLE in the phpshop.cfg to 1.  
- Made all class loading dynamic using the eval(load_class()) construct for 
  class loading on-the-fly.
- Fixed missing shipping and tax totals in confirmation and order emails.
- Added ISO standard country, currency and language codes throughout forms.
- Changed ps_function_reg classname to ps_function
- Changes ps_module_reg classname to ps_module_reg
- Fixed DECODE error in credit card decode string.
- Major speed performance increase by using dynamic loading of classes. 
- New design for Washupito's Tiendita

August 2, 2000 (0.5.0)
- Added a simple tax module for providing tax calculations.
- Added a CC_ENABLE flag with which to enble Cybercash in the phpshop.cfg.
- Fixed language selection processing.  If a specified language is nto registered
  with a module, then the default language file (English) is chosen.
- Fixed security issue that allowed storeadmin's to delete or add the admin user.
- Updated Order listing in admin to show order total and not subtotal.
- ps_include.inc files are no longer empty and now have a comment saying
  "intentinally left blank..."
- Renamed the ps_order_process class to ps_checkout.
- The session ID is not a 32-byte MD5 encrypted string.  This should help the
  problem of being behind a firewall and seeing the same session on two separate
- Fixed email validation routine to allow uppercase and lowercase letters.

July 13, 2000 (0.4.5)
- Removed the use of PHPLIB from phpShop. Since mySQL is currently the only 
  supported database, we simply wrote a database access class that is
  heavily based on PHPLIB by using the same method names, etc.  This ensures
  backwards compatibility with existing stores.  The new database class was 
  placed in the /db directory.
- Fixed list_attribute() function bugs that would print attributes repeatedly.
- Fixed demo store links that pointed to incorrect module for shipping address
- Renamed to payment_method table to order_payment.
- Added new payment_method table to database for use with the Payment Methods Module.
- Added Payment Methods module to allow storeadmin's to add Visa, Amex, Purchase Orders
  dynamically.  Each payment method can be given a discount rate (+/-) and also be 
  selected for Cybercash processing.
- Added Cybercash Payment Processing capability for Cybercash 3.0 or above.  
- Credit Card account numbers are stored in encypted form in the database using
  mySQL's ENCODE and DECODE functions.  The hash key can be set in the phpshop.cfg 
  file using the ENCODE_KEY directive.
- Added payment processing log to admin's order display using the order_payment 
  table to log the Cybercash or simple capture of data processing.

June 30, 2000 (0.4.2)
- Fixed login bugs.  This makes it necessary to build the login/registration
  as shown in the shop/html/login.ihtml page.  Old login pages will need to be
- Changed the way phpShop generates the product and vendor images.  Added the 
  show_image() function to the ps_product and ps_vendor classes.  The show_iamge()
  function now takes two arguments.  The name of the image file to show, and any
  arguments that want to be sent along to the IMG tag.  The old show_image() 
  function in ps_main.inc has been removed.
- The get_price function was deleted from ps_main.inc and moved to the ps_product
- The list_attribute() function has been moved from ps_main.inc to the
  ps_product_attribute class.  It has also been updated to accept one argument. 
  The product_id is sent and the list_attribute function draws a drop down list
  containing the attribute list.  It is dynamic and can handle a variable number
  of attributes.  
- The location of the shop_images has been moved to be relative to the URL paths. 
  That is, images will be resolved by first prepending the URL or
  Then the vendor_image path is used:
  Then if it is a product or vendor...
  Then the image name
  Image generation will check for SSL and create the path accordingly.
- File upload now handles PNG files.
- Cart does not accept fractional quantities.
- VERSION.txt moved to DOCROOT directory.

June 10, 2000 (0.4-1)
- Modularization of phpShop.

April 13, 2000 (0.2)
- Installation procedure rewritten.  No more PHPLIB install woes.
- The PHPLIB session, auth, and perm class have been removed.
- The ps_cart class has been modified.
- New perm class for permission checking.
- New auth and cart arrays used for these pruposes.  Please look
  at the new store to understand the changes made.  Some important
  information found in these classes:



- Many bug fixes reported by users.
- Cleaned up the class definition files to be in ps_class.inc.
- Fixes file upload routines to be platform independent.  Now works on NT.
- Fixed class definitions to work on PHP4.
- Updated demo store to include most requested features.
- Fixed many validation routines. 
  Cart will not accept negative numbers.
  Shoppers must provide complete address information.
- Category listing fixed.
- Price listing fixed.
- Price form fixed.
- Database configuration parameters are now in phpshop.cfg.  
- This centralizes administration.
- Cleaned up phpshop.cfg.  Removed unused parameters.

February 21, 2000. (0.1)

- Updated all administrative pages with latest design layout.
- Added administrator password maintenance page.
- Created the /etc directory which now has the phpshop.cfg and ps_local.inc files.
- Removed several bugs.  See bug tracker at http://www.sourceforge.net/bugs/?group_id=747.

February 15, 2000. (pre0.1)
- Initial Release of phpShop pre0.1.   
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