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// $Id: upgrade.php 558 2006-06-20 06:35:23Z skalpa $

define( "_XOOPS_UPGRADE", "XOOPS system upgrade" );
define( "_CHECKING_APPLIED", "Checking applied upgrades:" );
define( "_SET_FILES_WRITABLE", "Make the following files writable before proceeding:" );
define( "_NO_NEED_UPGRADE", "No upgrade necessary. Please remove this folder from your server" );
define( "_NEED_UPGRADE", "Upgrade needed" );
define( "_PROCEED_UPGRADE", "Proceed to upgrade" );
define( "_PERFORMING_UPGRADE", "Performing %s upgrade" );

define( "_USER_LOGIN", "User login" );

define( "_MANUAL_INSTRUCTIONS", "Manual installation instructions" );

// %s is filename
define( "_FAILED_PATCH", "Failed to patch %s" );
define( "_APPLY_NEXT", "Apply next upgrade (%s)" );
define( "_COPY_RED_LINES", "Copy the following red lines to %s" );

define( "_FINISH", "Finish" );
define( "_RELOAD", "Reload" );


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