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Bug fix list history:

4th - 11th July 2004 Version 2.0.4
Fixed catgeory ordering in to show by title and not ID in admin main index category selection box.
Removed duplicate Lang defines in module/wf-download/index.php
Removed alt text defines on Legend images.
Removed <p></p> tags from xtorrent_index.html as it caused alignment problems in template.
Fixed Bugs when user submits a broken file report.
Fixed grouppermission bug when displaying sub categories in viewcat.php
Fixed category count bug in main index listings.
Fixed Bug where Xoops Sort bar would show even if no files where available.
Fixed Bug where sub-categories would be displayed when viewing downloads by alphabetical listing.
Fixed Bug where sub-categories listing would show incorrectly when listed.
Fixed Bug in wf-downloads block that would show incorrect path.
Fixed Permissions form in admin for both Category and files.
Fixed Bug where permission where not set of topten items
Fixed Bug where category heading displayed the wrong category description for each category in viewcat.php.
Fixed Bug categories are now ordered by their weight and not title.
Fixed Bug PHP related issue, not all servers have PHP math functions enabled so we did a little workaround on this.
Fixed Bug displaying logo in singlefile page.
Fixed Bug where other files by would show incorrect and also show offline files.
Fixed Bug: Any user could use the update script. A big NO NO! This has been restricted to admin users only.
Fixed Bug: New submission to webmaster displayed the wrong link (Taken to the wrong link when clicking to view new
Fixed Bug: Duplicate code for image list array in image uploader.php.
Fixed Bug: Group Permissions where not included within WF-Downloads search function.  
	Every file was shown whether a user had permission to see them or not.
Fixed Bug: Change language Page Published/Expire Date to File Published/Expire date.
Fixed Bug: Block Language define change _MB_MYDOWNLOADS_LENGTH to _MB_XTORRENT_LENGTH
Fixed Bug: Filenames with spaces where broken, this has been corrected.
Fixed Bug: Fixed allowed File URL Input size to 255 chars when entering File URL in admin. 
Fixed Bug: Fixed allowed File URL mirror input size to 255 chars when entering File mirror in admin. 	
Fixed Bug: Fixed allowed File URL title input size to 255 chars when entering File title in admin.
Fixed Bug: Server Uploads Status displayed incorrect php_ini setting. Should have been file_uploads and not enable_dl.
Added: Alphabetical listing to top ten items.
Added: The ability to create News Story from submitted download (admin only).
Added: Recording user uploader IP address for security reasons.
Added: Url/File check at download stage for broken files.  Will redirect user to state file is broken and not a 
404 The page cannot be found. Not fully tested yet but seems to be working. 
Temporary Removed Spotlight items from category form. Will add in a future version.
Changed Category listing templates for more ordered look.

12/07/2004 v2.0.4

Fixed Bug: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gd_info() when GD library not installed on server (MadFish).  
Fixed: Group Permission setting. Invalid default for file submission in xoops_version.php. (FrankBlack)
Add: Added a check to update files, cannot access them directly now and can only be executed from the update script.
Fixed bug: File spaces where not converted when uploading to server.
Fixed bug: Fixed invalid path for forum link.
Fixed bug: Review was not approved when editing and then clicking approve.
Added broken information to broken files report.
Fixed bug: Fixed icon bug in broken download reports.
Many other small bug fixes or changes to the module

26/07/04 2.0.5
Fixed New/update icon bug.
Fixed $mtys must be $myts typo on reviews.
Fixed upload issue both in admin and user submission.
Fixed two missing language defines.
Added file exists check on upload
Changed version number to 2.0.5a to save confussion. 
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