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  <article aid="weblication_users">
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	<title>Weblication Users</title>
	<date>Dec 20th, 2003</date>
  [@:p][@:weblication] was downloaded 200 times from phpClasses.org and
	200 times from www.copyleft.at within the first two days. I guess and hope
	that some of the downloaders actually use [@:weblication] for their
	webpages. If you do so and you want your URL listet at [LINK:weblication_users]
	tell me your URL please: [EMAIL:hide@address.com].

[@:0]URLs running [@:weblication]

  {li}[EXTURL:http://www.copyleft.at/weblication,This Site] - Launched Dec 2003 with VERSION_0_0_1
	{li}[EXTURL:http://cs1.profinet.at/~aa/,Mirror] - Launched Dec 2003 with VERSION_0_0_2 at my
	provider's public shared content server to due testing without 'root-rights'
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