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  <article aid="schedule">
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    <title>Project Schedule</title>
	<date>Last update Dec 16th 2003</date>
	[@:desc] [@:blue]done Dec 15[@:/blue] - preparing for launch at sourceforge.net
	should be completed by Jan 1, 2004.
	[@:desc] [@:green]active[@:/green] some bug fixes will be done until launch at sourceforge.net
	and documentation will be done, as far as it covers completed features.
	[@:desc] [@:green]started[@:/green] Jan - Mar 2004 some essential features and modules will be
	implemented and an html-editor for contentfiles on the server should
	be available.
	[@:desc] [@:red]future[@:/red] Apr - Summer 2004 [@:weblication] should be a usable CMS
	with complete documentation and installation packages. A goodie
	would be to have a user manual for authors using [@:weblication]
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