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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

  <article aid="install">
    <htmltemplate include="article.html"></htmltemplate>
	<contentmenu aid="download"/>

	<intro>How to install [@:weblication].</intro>
	<author email="hide@address.com">Andi</author>
	<date>Dec 12th 2003</date>
	{p class=subject}Before you begin
	{p class=text}be shure [LINK:requirements] are satisfied.
	[@:1]What you need:
	[@:p]you will find at [LINK:download]. 
	Unpack {strong}weblication-VERSION.tgz{/strong} anywhere you can
	access {strong}[@:weblication]/html{/strong} using your webserver.
	[@:p]after unpacking the tar file, configure
	[@:p]First you have to change {strong}$cfg["prefix"]{/strong} to
	point the path where you have installed [@:weblication]
	[@:p]Now you should be able to access your [@:weblication]-Website
  and you should see a webpage like
	[@:desc] [EXTURL:http://www.copyleft.at/weblication/]
	[@:p]Further information on the configuration of layout and content can be found at [LINK:usage]
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