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	<author email="hide@address.com">Andi</author>
	<date>Dec 12th 2003</date>
	[@:p]at this point {em}Startup{/em} should be done and
	[@:weblication] should be running well. If this is not the case, read
	the chapters under {em}Startup{/em} and continue when installation
	is done. Start with [LINK:download]
	[@:p]Procedures described in {em}Startup{/em} only work if
	you use a file from [LINK:download] and leave the
	file-tree untouched. There's really no need to, but if you are planning 
	to change this structure read [LINK:doc_pathes].
	{em}Paths{/em} also lists all possible configuration-tags used
	by the [@:weblication] library.
	[@:p]{em}Translate{/em} will explain how to use "placeholders"
	within your content. These "placeholders" may be a simple translation
	of words, but may also be used to define HTML shortcuts.
	[@:p]{em}Modules{/em} are "built in placeholders" which may be used
	to execute built-in functions or optional modules.
	[@:p]Howto work with [@:weblication]. Start with [LINK:doc_overview]
	[@:p]This chapter explains how to deal with your content.
  [@:p]{em}Syntax{/em} is a reference manual for using shortcuts predefined
	in [@:weblication]'s default {strong}[@:weblication]/translate.txt{/strong}
	[@:p]If you're interested in developing for/with [@:weblication]
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