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  <article aid="doc_pathes">
    <htmltemplate include="article.html"></htmltemplate>
	<contentmenu aid="documentation" />
	<intro>How to configure your local path requirements</intro>
	<author email="hide@address.com">Andreas Altendorfer</author>
	<date>10. Dezember 2003</date>
	[@:p]Edit {strong}lib/config.php{/strong} and
	replace the value of {strong}$cfg['prefix']{/strong} with
	the root path of your installation. All other paths should be
	located below {strong}prefix{/strong}. You will find {em}cfg-{/em}variables
	for different classes of files such as:
	  {li class=note}articles
	  {li class=note}menus
	  {li class=note}templates
	[@:p]See the {em}configfile{/em} and configure it to suit your needs.
	[@:desc]Default: {em}Set to your needs{/em}{br}
	Where everything starts. For example:
	  cd /home/me/public_html{br}
		tar xvzf weblication-latest.tgz
	[@:desc]now you will find {strong}/home/me/public_html/weblication{/strong}
	as a directory. This directory should be configured as 
	[@:source]$cfg['prefix'] = "/home/me/public_html/weblication"
	[@:p]all cgf-values below are relative to {strong}$cfg['prefix']{/strong}
	[@:desc]Default: "/"{br}
	There {em}Apache{/em} will find {strong}index.php{/strong}.
	[@:desc]Default: "html/content"{br}
	below {em}content{/em} you will find all XML files defining
	something related to daily content, but which is not a part of the
	[@:weblication] library.
	[@:desc]Default: "content/menu"{br}
	XML definitions of content menus
	[@:desc]Default: "content/news"{br}
	XML files for module {em}news{/em}
	[@:desc]Default: "content/articles"{br}
	Place all your {em}articles{em} here.
	[@:desc]Default: "/etc"{br}
	Runtime configuration files, such as 'users, password, access'
	[@:desc]Default: "/application"{br}
	In this directory you will find a subdirectory of each application.
	This is what enables you to use the same content with different
	applications under the same URL.
	[@:desc]Default: "/templates"{br}
	XML definitions of html-templates for articles and modules.
	[@:desc]Default: ".htaccess"{br}
	With this file {em}Apache{/em} will manage access restrictions
	and grants. This file may exist in each directory.
	[@:desc]Default: "etc/htaccess.group"{br}
	Define {em}Apache{/em} Usergroups
  [@:desc]Default: "etc/htaccess.user"{br}
	Define {em}Apache{/em} users.
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