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	<title>Modules - A Sample</title>
	<intro>[LINK:doc_modules] are used to extend the functionality of [@:weblication].
	<author email="hide@address.com">Andi</author>
	<date>Dec 12th 2003</date>
	 [@:0] Target
	 [@:p] The following sample shows a small Module to demonstrate
	       how to deal with system-calls. To activate this module
				   {li}Write (or copy) {strong}downloadcounter.php{/strong} to
					 {li}Next any function you need provide one function called 
					 {li}This function has to return the output of your module as a string.
					 {li}Append the Module at end of {strong}config.php{/strong} by
					     inserting a line like:{BR}{strong}require_once("module/downloadcounter.php");{/strong}
					 {li}Use {strong}[_MODULE_:downloadcounter]{/strong} (without "_") somewhere in
					     your Articles, Menus, News or templates. Even using a Module
							 inside another Module is possible. In this case be carefull
							 to prevent from recursive callings!
	 [@:0]Module's Sourcecode
	 [@:0]Module Usage in a "menu".xml
	 [@:0]Module's Output
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