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  <article aid="doc_listofmodules">
    <htmltemplate include="article.html"></htmltemplate>
	<title>List of Modules</title>
	<intro>Modules are used to extend the functionality of [@:weblication] - (see [LINK:doc_modules])</intro>
	<author email="hide@address.com">Andi</author>
	<date>Dec 14th 2003</date>
	[@:0]List of available Modules for [@:weblication]
	  {li} [LOCALURL:#essential,Essential]
  	{li} [LOCALURL:#optional,Optional]
	  {li} [LOCALURL:#news,Latest news / Publications]
	[@:p]Look for MODULE.php in {strong}[@:weblication]/modules{/strong}
	[@:0]{a name=essential /}Essential
	[@:p]responsible for formating XML-Articles to (HTML-)Output by using templates
	     defined within the XML-file.
	[@:p]Will look for Article's {em}aid{/em} and further for a file called
	{strong}[@:weblication]/news/{em}aid{/em}.xml{/strong}. If found this XML-file
	will be parsed and formated as a list of news.
	[@:p]If {em}aid{/em} will be provided with the news item definition AND there
	is Text (as XML-Date for the news item) a "more-link" will be displayed next
	any news item. This more-link will point to 
	{strong}[@:weblication]/content/articles/{em}aid{/em}.xml{/strong} which is
	equal to [_ARTICLE:{em}aid{/em}].
	[@:p]See files in {strong}[@:weblication]/content/news/{/strong} for examples.
	[@:0]{a name=optional /}Optional
	[@:p]logdisplay will tail a number of lines from Apache's access log. 
	logdisplay will list IP and
	date of latest accesses. Where [@:weblication] should search for
	Apache's log is to be configured in [@:weblication]/lib/config.php
	[@:desc]You may simply modify this Module to tail any kind of file where
	any server-process or cronjob or what else is logging to.
	[@:0]{a name=news /}Latest news / Publications
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