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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

  <article aid="at_sourceforge.net">
   <htmltemplate include="article.html"></htmltemplate>
	  <contentmenu aid="download" />
    <title>[@:weblication] at Sourceforge.net</title>
	  <date YYYY="2003" MM="12" DD="14">2003-12-14</date>
    <author email="hide@address.com">Andi</author>
	  <intro>[@:weblication] will be found at sourceforge.net
		[@:1]What is here and what you will find at sourceforge-project
		[@:p]Here at copyleft.at is [@:weblication]'s home base. So you will
		find everything here.
		[@:p]Use sourceforge.net to download if you have troubles with www.copyleft.at
		[@:0]Tracking System
		[@:p]Since there is no Module "TRACKING" for [@:weblication] use that from sourceforge.
		See [LINK:doc_bugtrace] 
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