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  <article aid="about_weblication">

   <htmltemplate include="article.html"></htmltemplate>
   <author email="hide@address.com">Andreas Altendorfer</author>
   <date YYYY="2003" MM="12" DD="12">2003-12-12</date>
	 <contentmenu aid="about" />
	 <title>about [@:weblication]</title>
	   A short introduction.
	 [@:1] What it is
	 [@:p] [@:weblication] is a PHP class library and application framework.
	 Classes like {em}Article{/em}, {em}Menu{/em}, {em}Module{/em} are used
	 to handle these items in web based applications. All these items are defined
	 in simple xml-files. The webpage you're reading was build with and is maintained by
	 [@:p] HTML-templates may be defined within "Articles" or "Articles" may
	 refer to shared templates and menus. A simple search/replace 
	 mechanism allows to write all articles and content using ASCII editors. 
	 If you prefer not to use {em}vi{/em} use something like 
	 {em}dreamweaver{/em} or any simple XML/HTML-editor of your choice. 
	 [@:p]There are plans to develop an online content editor as a web interface
	 to the content template and configuration files.
	 [@:1] Where to start?
	 [@:p] If you're completly new to this site, you're in the right place. If you
	 want to know more about [@:weblication] continue with [LINK:documentation].
	 If you just want to install and try it yourself, continue with [LINK:download]
	 and read [LINK:install]. Details on how to use and extend templates, menus and articles
	 can be found in capture [LINK:usage].
	 [@:1] Where to get [@:weblication]?
	 [@:p] Right here! [LINK:download]
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