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<?xml version="1.0"?>
		<title>XMLNuke Send e-Mail</title>
		<abstract>XMLNuke Send e-Mail</abstract>
		<created>10/20/2002 8:13:51 PM</created>
		<modified>08/06/2005 8:13:51 PM</modified>
		<keyword>XMLSite ByJG</keyword>
		<title>Send eMail</title>
			<p>This page use a custom module 'sendmail' distributed with the default installation of XMLNuke. You can create a custom form to POST data to sendmail page. 
				<editform action="module:sendemail" title="Fill Fields Bellow to Send a email" name="formemail" jsvalidate="true">
					<textbox name="name" caption="Name" value="" size="30" required="true" type="0" />
					<textbox name="email" caption="eMail" value="" size="30" required="true" type="10" />
					<textbox name="subject" caption="Subject" value="" size="40" required="true" type="0" />
					<memo name="message" caption="Message" cols="40" rows="5"></memo>
					<hidden name="toname_id" value="DEFAULT" />
					<imagevalidate caption="Type the text bellow: " />
						<submit caption="Send" />
						<reset caption="Reset" />
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