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<?xml version="1.0"?>
		<title>How to create Dynamic Menus</title>
		<abstract>How to create Dynamic Menus</abstract>
		<created>13/05/2002 20:43:05</created>
		<modified>08/06/2005 20:56:11</modified>
		<keyword>XMLSite ByJG</keyword>
		<keyword>Your First Keyword</keyword>
		<keyword>Your Second Keyword and so on</keyword>
		<title>What is a Dynamic Menu?</title>
			<p>It is very easy to organize your pages and menus. XMLNuke have GROUPS and GROUPKEYWORDs that is used to create them.</p>
			<p>When you create a group (see Admin Tool), you specify a KEYWORD. The default keyword is <b>all</b>. It means only groups containing the "ALL" keyword makes the menu visible.</p>
			<p>If you setup another value to the keyword, the menu becomes invisible. Only pages with the tag &lt;GROUPKEYWORD&gt; can then activate it.</p>
		<title>Can I see an example?</title>
			<p>Select the menu on the left side. You can see 'Page one' and 'Page two'. through them you'll be able to access two pages of this hidden menu.</p>
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