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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <title>Uploading Documents</title>
    <abstract>How to upload documents using XMLNuke.</abstract>
    <created>Mon Nov 5 2007 20:34:05</created>
    <modified>Wed Nov 19 2008 15:01:15</modified>
      <p>XMLNuke supports uploads of both simple and multiple files. The process is simplified through a single method which allows the files to be saved to the specified directory.</p>
      <p><code information="Building the form - CSharp"><![CDATA[ 
XmlFormCollection form = new XmlFormCollection(this._context, "module:sample", "Formulário");
XmlInputFile inf = new XmlInputFile("Upload: ", "filetoupload");
      <p><code information="Building the form - PHP"><![CDATA[ 
$form = new XmlFormCollection($this->_context, "module:sample", "Formulário");
$fileField = new XmlInputFile("Upload", 'filetoupload');
<p>Once the form is submitted, it must be treated to locate the files that were submitted and save them.</p>
      <p><code information="Processing the Upload - CSharp"><![CDATA[ 
// The UploadFilenameProcessor will define the path where the file will be saved.
UploadFilenameProcessor uploadFilename = 
	new UploadFilenameProcessor("common" + util.FileUtil.Slash() + "files", this._context);
uploadFilename.FilenameLocation = ForceFilenameLocation.SharedPath;

// Save the files of the form
ArrayList files = this._context.processUpload(uploadFilename, false, "filetoupload");
      <p><code information="Processing the Upload - PHP"><![CDATA[ 
// The UploadFilenameProcessor will define the path where the file will be saved.
$fileProcessor = new UploadFilenameProcessor('*', $this->_context);
$fileProcessor->setFilenameLocation(ForceFilenameLocation::DefinePath, "common" . FileUtil::Slash() . "files");

// Save the files of the form
$result = $this->_context->processUpload($fileProcessor, false, "filetoupload");
<li>The ArrayList response contains the names of the files that were saved.</li>
<li>The second argument specifies if the name will come from the file itself (false) or if it will be defined by the UploadFileNameProcessor (true). </li>
<li>The third parameter specifies that you will save ONLY the file that was submitted by the INPUT TYPE=FILE that is specified in the name.</li>
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