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x-kernoel-x.NET Chat Engine is Copyright (c) 2002 by Markus Duft
You can reach me ofer E-Mail at: hide@address.com
This peace of Software underlies the GPL General Public License
Feel free to take peaces of this software for your own programs, but please let me know,
and leave a copyright notice where you use something out of this script!


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<title>New Page 6</title>
<script language="JavaScript" src="functions.js">
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#ffffff">

<script language="php">
if($nick && $input)

	$db = new Database($db_host,$db_name,$db_user,$db_pass);
	$sql = "SELECT * FROM on_user WHERE name='$nick'";
	$color = $db->getField(2);

	$op_str = cmdProc(htmlentities($input),$color,$nick);
	echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">\n";
	echo "	input_clear = parent.frames[\"input\"].document.form_".$nick.";
	if($op_str != "")
		echo "PrintChat(\"$op_str\");\n";
	echo "</script>\n";


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