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0.4 (01-21-04) 

- Room Select (scales games in the database)
- MySQL connection (host, user, password) is global thoughout the program
  including admin usernames and passwords;
- Administration Login and Configuration added (drop rooms,createdatabase,drop
  database,create table, drop table)
- 6 new in game graphics (X,O) Jokerman, gill sans, Algerian[Redesgined] (boards)
- Disables already choosen areas on the board;
- Logs moves into the database;
- Checks for winnings and displays the current winner;
- Added "subject" input to help email form;
- More about World Tic Tac Toe created on home page;
- New site graphics (server locator, language chart) and new file format for
  expansion of languages;
- Waits for other players moves and proceeds after other player has moved;
- Now Displays "seemless" board swiches between the playing and the checking;
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