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1) First Time Installation
	WorkOrder TS is written in PHP and requires a working apache, php and mysql environment. If you server is properly configured, copy all files you extracted from the downloaded archive into your apache htdocs directory. Now open a web browser and navigate to the WorkOrderTS folder. WorkOrderTS can be copied into server root (htdocs) or any subdirectory of document root. 
	Now enter the required information into the setup program and follow the onscreen instructions.

2) Update
	Extract the file you downloaded from WorkOrderTS.com, you can overwrite all files in the old directory. If you choose to delete the old directory first, please save your config files (include/config-guest.inc.php and include/config-user.inc.php). If you already deleted your config files, check the FAQ. 
	Please start WorkOrderTS to start the update process, WorkOrder TS will be locked until the update is complete. The update can only be completed with a valid system administrative account.

The Latest Edition can be found at http://www.WorkOrderTS.com

1) You have lost/deleted your config files but your database is still intact.
-- Follow the installation wizard until you have your configuration files downloaded, ensuring that all information is exactly as it is for your old installation. Now delete the setup_files directory and setup.php file and start WorkOrderTS. If it still does not work, you can open the config files with a text editor to try different password combinations or contact technical support at http://www.WorkOrderTS.com
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