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Image Gallery Howto v1.5+
Step 1: Create the directory defined in IMAGES_PATH (config.php)
Step 2: Under this directory create any number of subdirectories
Step 3: Put images in the subdirector(y|ies). JPG and PNG are
        suggested, although GIF might be supported, depending
        on your PHP setup.
Step 4: Go to your images page and add a gallery (directories
        containing images should be autodetected and given as
        choices for your gallery)
Step 5: View your images! Thumbnails should be generated on the 

IMPORTANT: if your thumbnails are not being generated it is
possible that your version of PHP/GD is not new enough... those
people should change IMAGES_COMPAT in config.php to "true". 
This will result in lower quality images, but should work with
almost all PHP installations.
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