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Knowledge of Perl, HTML, Javascript and PHP is required to install and configure this software. 
Notes are sporadically inserted as comments in the code.

- A perl script runs via crontab, logs onto the DB instance, creates a temp file and runs it, then deletes the temp file. 
- The output of the commands is captured and stored locally in a .tmp file. 
- The same perl script then scans this .tmp and extracts the required info, placing the formatted output into a .txt file. 
- The .html file reads this .txt data and displays it in realtime, making a call to re-read the file at regular intervals via a PHP interface. 
- A perl script exists for each clustered db. WillCool is designed to monitor up to 4 clustered databases with 2 nodes per cluster. 
- This can be adapted as required. Each perl script has been made fully configurable to accomodate the small variances between nodes in a network i.e. security policies/default 
shell/file system/oracle home location/other environment variables.
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