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WIKINDX: Bibliographic Management system.
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The WIKINDX Team 2004
* Bibliography Import HELP class (English)
* NOTE TO TRANSLATORS:  1/  Both the class name and the constructor name should be changed to match the (case-sensitive) name of 
*				the folder your language files are in.  For example, if you are supplying a Klingon translation and 
*				your languages/ folder is languages/kn/, the class and constructor name for the file SUCCESS.php 
*				must both be SUCCESS_kn.
* NOTE TO DEVELOPERS:  1/ Any comments not preceeded by '//' will be ignored by the localization module.
*				2/  All comments and all define statements should each be on one line (no line breaks) and must each start at 
*					the beginning of the line for the localization module to work.
*				3/  The define constant must be in double quotes:  e.g. define("TEXT1", .......);
// Constructor
	function HELPIMPORT_en()
// TRANSLATORS start here.  Translate ONLY the second string in each define().
define("TEXT1", "If you have WIKINDX admin rights, you can import a BibTeX .bib or Endnote XML bibliography into WIKINDX.");
define("TEXT2", "There are a number of options:");
define("TEXT3", "Tagging an import allows you to add a descriptive label to this import. When deleting resources, you may choose to delete individual resources or to delete a tag which will delete all resources that were imported under that tag. Additionally, when listing resources using the 'select' method, you can select by tag.");
define("TEXT4", "If you choose not to import duplicates, WIKINDX will discard resources whose title already exists in the database.");
define("TEXT5", "You may store fields that WIKINDX does not use so that any resources later exported to BibTeX or Endnote can include this original unchanged data. (Doing this, also stores any @string strings that are in the imported BibTeX file.)");
define("TEXT6", "Tips for Importing BibTeX Files into WIKINDX");
define("TEXT7", "WIKINDX will map either the BibTeX field 'note' or 'annote' to the WIKINDX note field. The former takes precedence over the latter.");
// Don't translate '@MISC' and 'howpublished = \"\url{http://www.blah.com}\"'
define("TEXT8", "Since BibTeX (currently) has no entry type for articles published on the web, WIKINDX will convert @MISC entries with a field 'howpublished = \"\url{http://www.blah.com}\"' to its web_article type.");
define("TEXT9", "LaTeX symbols are converted to their UTF-8 equivalents.");
define("TEXT10", "The web server and php.ini file may limit the size of file uploads. If you experience difficulties, try splitting a large file into more manageable chunks or, where possible, adjust memory constraints in php.ini.");
define("TEXT12", "The BibTeX 'keywords' field is expected to be delimited by ';'");
// Don't translate '@STRING'
define("TEXT13", "WIKINDX happily and indiscriminately substitutes entries of type @STRING.");
define("TEXT14", "WIKINDX expects the BibTeX 'page' field to have the form 45--76 or 45-76 or vii--xi (or with spaces). For any other form, WIKINDX will take the first valid number it finds in the page field and use that for its 'pageStart' field.");
define("TEXT15", "Please note: this version of WIKINDX only supports Endnote v7 and v8 XML importing.  It is untested with earlier versions of Endnote.  Endnote v7 and Endnote v8 have a very different XML export structure; because of the database structure of WIKINDX, you are likely to get better results importing a v8 XML file than a v7 XML file. If you do not have Endnote v8, you may wish to download the v8 demo, import your earlier Endnote libraries, export to XML from v8 and import that XML file to WIKINDX.");
// TRANSLATORS end here

		$this->messages = new MESSAGES();
// Start the templating system
		$this->template = new TEMPLATE('content');
		$this->utf8 = new UTF8();
// Help page
	function display()
			$this->utf8->decodeUtf8($this->messages->text("heading", "helpBibtex")));
		$this->pString = MISC::aName("top");
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(MISC::hr());
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(MISC::a("link", 
			$this->utf8->decodeUtf8($this->messages->text("misc", "top")), "#top"), "small", "right");
		$this->template->setVar('body', $this->pString);
		return $this->template->process();
// print help importing BibTeX files
	function bibtexFiles()
		$this->pString .= TEXT1;
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(MISC::i(TEXT15));
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(TEXT2 . 
		MISC::li(TEXT3) . 
		MISC::li(TEXT4) . 
		MISC::li(TEXT5) . 
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(TEXT6 . ":" . 
		MISC::li(TEXT7) . 
		MISC::li(TEXT8) . 
		MISC::li(TEXT9) . 
		MISC::li(TEXT12) . 
		MISC::li(TEXT13) . 
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