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WIKINDX: Bibliographic Management system.
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The WIKINDX Team 2004
* HELP - Admin Configure ENGLISH class
* NOTE TO TRANSLATORS:  1/  Both the class name and the constructor name should be changed to match the (case-sensitive) name of 
*				the folder your language files are in.  For example, if you are supplying a Klingon translation and 
*				your languages/ folder is languages/kn/, the class and constructor name for the file SUCCESS.php 
*				must both be SUCCESS_kn.
* NOTE TO DEVELOPERS:  1/ Any comments not preceeded by '//' will be ignored by the localization module.
*				2/  All comments and all define statements should each be on one line (no line breaks) and must each start at 
*					the beginning of the line for the localization module to work.
*				3/  The define constant must be in double quotes:  e.g. define("TEXT1", .......);
// Constructor
	function HELPCONFIG_en()
// TRANSLATORS start here.  Translate ONLY the second string in each define().
define("GENERAL", "General Notes");
define("G_TEXT1", "This help is intended for WIKINDX administrators only.");
define("G_TEXT2", "To use WIKINDX fully, you must have cookies turned on in your web browser preferences.");
define("G_TEXT3", "The files/ directory must be writeable by the general web user and is utilised for the temporary storage of exported RTF and BibTeX files (see below).");
define("CONFIG", "Configuration Parameters");
define("C_TEXT1", "There are a number of default configuration parameters the administrator can set.");
define("C_TEXT2", "The following are required");
define("C_TEXT3", "Superadmin");
define("C_TEXT4", "Your gateway to WIKINDX administration.");
define("C_TEXT5", "File Deletion");
define("C_TEXT6", "When a user exports a bibliographic list, files are written to the files/ directory. WIKINDX uses a lazy form of garbage disposal: each time any user exports a file, WIKINDX checks all files in the files/ directory to see if their age exceeds the deletion time you have set; if they have, files will be deleted. However, when a user actively logs out, all the user's files are deleted immediately.");
define("C_TEXT7", "Language");
define("C_TEXT8", "Template");
define("C_TEXT9", "The choice of templates allows the user to radically alter the look and feel of WIKINDX and even import WIKINDX into an existing web page.");
define("C_TEXT10", "Bibliographic Style");
define("C_TEXT11", "These are used to display and export WIKINDX resources in a format suitable for inclusion in a bibliography.");
define("C_TEXT12", "Paging Parameters");
define("C_TEXT13", "Paging allows the user to limit the maximum number of resources displayed on the browser. The number of paging links displayed at the bottom of the screen can also be adjusted.");
define("C_TEXT14", "Character Limiting");
define("C_TEXT15", "Sometimes the text displayed in a form select box is long enough to cause problems with the web browser display. This is often the case with journal titles or publisher names. This field allows the user to limit the amount of text with any dropped text being replaced by ' ... '.");
define("C_TEXT16", "The following are optional");
define("C_TEXT17", "Title and Logo parameters");
define("C_TEXT18", "Contact Email and Description");
define("C_TEXT19", "Displayed on the front page");
define("C_TEXT20", "Multi user mode");
define("C_TEXT21", "Checking this enables WIKINDX's multi user mode.  Users can log on and have access to their own preferences, bibliographic lists etc.");
define("C_TEXT22", "Allow user registration");
define("C_TEXT23", "This is disabled if multi user mode above is not checked. Potential users of your WIKINDX can register themselves as users.  It requires a valid mail server to be set up in php.ini as those registering are required to confirm their registration upon receipt of an email. Any persons not registering within 10 days of receipt of that email will have their request for registration removed from the database.");
define("C_TEXT24", "Allow email notification");
define("C_TEXT25", "This is disabled if multi user mode above is not checked. WIKINDX users can opt to be emailed when another user adds edits a resource or any of its text.  It requires a valid mail server to be set up in php.ini.");
define("C_TEXT26", "In Preferences, users can override the following");
define("C_TEXT27", "BBCode Image Display Limit");
define("C_TEXT28", "For users linking to images with BBCode, you can limit the display size.");
define("C_TEXT29", "Allow file attachments");
// Don't translate 'attachments/'
define("C_TEXT30", "Each resource can have one file attached to it. Files are uploaded to the 'attachments/' folder which must be writeable by everyone or at least the web server user.");
define("C_TEXT31", "Allow only logged on users to view file attachments");
define("C_TEXT32", "Checking this ensures that only logged on users can view file attachments.");
define("C_TEXT34", "Pasting bibTeX entries");
define("C_TEXT35", "You can control the maximum number of bibTeX entries a user can paste in.  Large numbers (c500+) may require some adjustments to php.ini.");
define("C_TEXT36", "Recent additions");
define("C_TEXT37", "You can control the number of recent additions and updates displayed on the front page.");
// TRANSLATORS end here

		$this->messages = new MESSAGES();
// Start the templating system
		$this->template = new TEMPLATE('content');
// Help page
	function display()
		$utf8 = new UTF8();
		$this->template->setVar('heading', $utf8->decodeUtf8($this->messages->text("heading", "help")));
		$this->pString = MISC::aName("top");
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(MISC::hr());
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(MISC::hr());
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(MISC::a("link", $utf8->decodeUtf8($this->messages->text("misc", "top")), "#top"), 
			"small", "right");
		$this->template->setVar('body', $this->pString);
		return $this->template->process();
// print welcome
	function welcome()
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(MISC::b(GENERAL . ":"));
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(G_TEXT1);
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(G_TEXT2);
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(G_TEXT3);
// print help on configure
	function configHelp()
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(MISC::b(CONFIG . ":"));
		$this->pString .= C_TEXT1;
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(C_TEXT2 . ":" . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT3) . " " . C_TEXT4) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT5) . " " . C_TEXT6) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT7)) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT8) . " " . C_TEXT9) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT10) . " " . C_TEXT11) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT12) . " " . C_TEXT13) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT14) . " " . C_TEXT15) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT27) . " " . C_TEXT28) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT34) . " " . C_TEXT35) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT36) . " " . C_TEXT37)
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(C_TEXT16 . ":" . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT17)) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT18) . " " . C_TEXT19) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT20) . " " . C_TEXT21) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT22) . " " . C_TEXT23) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT24) . " " . C_TEXT25) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT29) . " " . C_TEXT30) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT31) . " " . C_TEXT32)
		$this->pString .= MISC::p(C_TEXT26 . ":" . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT7)) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT8)) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT10)) . 
		MISC::li(MISC::b(C_TEXT12)) . 
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