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		<b>WikiMap moves to beta</b><br>
		After evaluating many options WikiMap moved from alpha stage to Beta. Our initial plan was to develop the facility on an independent map-server. This would have given us more flexibility on  data manipulation. But we soon faced our first stumbling block. We found an acute shortage of reliable base map available on public domain. Thankfully, Google MAP API addresses this very point.
We decided to rewrite our code to make use of Google API. Meaning an considerable back tracking, but it was worth the effort on data availability. At least we have now whole globe covered with reasonably detail Map Data. For more detail level of Geo-information, WikiMap is there.
Current release of WikiMap is not the final product. But early release is made with the aim to collect data. After all Software is only 20% effort in a Knowledge-base. It is an enabler, but actual information has to come from the users. Community participation, that is WikiMap is all about.
Information is useful only when it is separated from disinformation and presented in the right context and quantity. WikiMap tries to keep the disinformation out by mandatory registration for feeding information to its database. Registration is free, and we are aware that it is not an reliable method. But with our current resource this is what we can offer. We hope, peer review will take care of the information accuracy. We are currently developing an algorithm to display most relevant information on our Maps. Some information are inherited from Google Map and we have no control over that.
For casual data sharing no registration is required. One can simply send the URL code generated by the software to indicate a special place. This information is not stored in our data base, so you may find it useful to bookmark it in your local file/browser.
<b>WikiMap route distance calculator </b><br>
WikiMap has added a new tool to its collection - a route distance calculator. This will eleminate guess work in planning your trip. You mind the exact distance upto the last meter by using this distance calculator.

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