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			<LI>Site Navigation
			<LI>Sharing location
			<LI>Adding Location in database
			<LI>Measuring Distance
			<LI>Adding Roads
			<LI>Upload waypoint data
			<LI>Download waypoint data
			<LI>Best route
		<IMG src=images/wikimap.png align=left hspace=10 vspace=5>
		<p class=hdr><b>Site Navigation</b></p>
		You can use the scroll control on top left corner to move around the map. Zoom control allows you to change scale of the map. To view adjacent areas you can drag the map around by pressing left mouse key and moving the map. Depending on base map resolution support it is possible to zoom at the resolution level of individual building in the map. At its lowest zoom level world map is displayed.
		<p class=hdr><b>Sharing location</b></p>
		Under edit or sharing mode a location pointer appears when you click on the map image. Alongwith the pointer a pop-up form appears to allow storing the point in knowledge repository. You may use the associated code to share the location information with other user. You can copy-paste the code to e-mail or other web-pages.

		<p class=hdr><b>Adding Location in database</b></p>
		You may add the location point to data base. This will then be available for sharing to all visitor. Location points are displayed according to their importance and are subjected to moderation. Due to laws of the land certain locations are barred from the purview of location information. Any location information on those areas are automatically filtered out by the system.
		You need to register and login in order to add information to database. All submission to database are recorded with login id and ip address to prevent spam and obnixious informations being submitted in the site.
		<p class=hdr><b>Measuring Distance</b></p>
		This feature is not yet implemented
		<p class=hdr><b>Adding Roads</b></p>
		This feature is not yet implemented
		<p class=hdr><b>Upload waypoint data</b></p>
		This feature is not yet implemented
		<p class=hdr><b>Download waypoint data</b></p>
		This feature is not yet implemented
		<p class=hdr><b>Best route</b></p>
		This feature is not yet implemented
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