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#title Welcome
=====Version #version=====
<div id="logo" style="text-align: center; padding-top:25px;padding-bottom:15px;"><img src="themes/whitecrane/logo.png" alt="WhiteCrane" border="0" /></div>
<p><img src="themes/whitecrane/ameoto_crane.png" width="193" height="113" alt="" align="right" />Thanks a lot for downloading the latest version of WhiteCrane. We've fixed all the bugs from the last version, given the UI a clean up and added some small features, but best of we've made the parser more tolerent and faster then ever before! If you have something to bring to WhiteCrane please don't hesatate to contact me at hide@address.com :)</p>
<p>Please read the guide below to get you started and if you have any questions please direct them to the email above.</p>
=====Getting Started=====
<p>If you can see this message then you have successfully setup WhiteCrane, if your not already logged in you can do it by clicking the + on the bottom right of the page and use the details you entered in the installer. You can also read a quick guide for the {{syntax|syntax here}}.</p>
<p>This cms is little deferent yes? having trouble getting started? Well don't worry because unlike a normal cms with a big complex control panel to manage your files or slow database calls, here everything has been made context sensitive so you don't have to be! </p>
<p><strong>Ok so i want to create a new page but i don't see any button for that?</strong></p>
    <p>WhiteCrane works a lot like a Wiki so to create a page you must be on a page that doesn't exist! <br />Sounds weird yes? let me explain, all you need to do is make a link to the page you want to create or you can simply change it in the address bar e.g. ?page=my-new-page, once your on the page you want just use the Create option in the tool bar.</p>
<p><strong>Copyright 2008-2010 Ameoto Systems. All Rights Reserved.</strong><br />
Written by the WhiteCrane Development Team.</p>
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